Pilina Vet Veterinary Nurse Kailua, HI · Full time

Pilina Vet’s purpose is to cultivate connection. We accomplish this through cutting edge preventative medicine and, when necessary, accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of disease. We are seeking dedicated people who lean in and desire growth & balance.


At Pilina Vet we value wellness, proactiveness, respect, fortitude, and clarity. We want you, as a team member, to know and feel that you are living and growing your unique ability and that we value your contribution of time and expertise to our growing team.

We are looking for a Vet Tech whose values align with those listed above, and are inspired to work hard with like-minded individuals. In addition to these values, the following skills will set you up for success at Pilina Vet:

  • Excellent communication skills with both clients and team members 
  • A compassionate and caring nature 
  • Confidence working with and handling different animals 
  • Confidence while working individually as well as a part of a team 
  • The ability to think on your feet when under pressure 
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to maintain respectful relationships with veterinary professionals within our community as well as within the area of veterinary vendors.


*Please note that this is an extensive list. Part of being on our team means that we will work together to support your growth and development as a veterinary technician.


  • Possesses the required medical knowledge to properly educate clients about various diseases, recommended procedures, and products.
  • Understands and follows vaccination and routine testing protocols, educates clients accordingly including zoonotic potential of certain diseases and parasites.
  • Has the knowledge and experience to perform a competent preliminary evaluation of a patient.
  • Skilled in restraint. Well versed in fractious animal restraint, able to keep patients and staff safe.
  • Records patient and client information accurately, thoroughly, and professionally. 
  • Ability to handle client’s medical questions with confidence and accuracy and knows when appropriate to direct them to a DVM.


  • Ability to use and maintain all in-house laboratory equipment according to machine standards.
  • Ability to determine how to properly collect, store, and send out laboratory samples to reference laboratory.
  • Follows proper use of logs and in-house communication procedures within the laboratory and pharmacy.
  • Ability to fill patient prescriptions with accuracy
  • Is proficient at urine analysis, cytology analysis, fecal analysis, blood smear analysis, skin scrape analysis, fungal culture analysis, and ear cytology analysis.

Surgery / Treatment:

  • Is proficient at venipuncture technique in all necessary veins including cephalic, saphenous, jugular, and femoral.
  • Ability to use and maintain all medical equipment.
  • Ability to place IV catheters and properly care for them.
  • Ability to effectively position for and take radiographs with good results.
  • Ability to perform electrocardiograms.
  • Ability to prepare a patient and the machine for an ultrasound procedure.
  • Ability to perform emergency procedures such as control of bleeding, resuscitation with oxygen, opening an airway, and external cardiac massage.
  • Ability to properly care for all surgical instruments and equipment; keep the surgical suite properly stocked, cleaned, and prepared for surgery.
  • Ability to calculate anesthetic dosages and administer anesthetic based on clinic dosage preferences and patient anesthetic risk factors.
  • Is proficient at assisting the doctors in advanced surgical procedures; knows the names and uses of surgical instruments and equipment.
  • Ability to proficiently use the anesthesia and surgical monitoring equipment.
  • Is proficient and skilled at dental prophylaxis; ability to complete dental charting.
  • Ability to administer SQ, IM, and IV injections, as well as fluids.
  • Is proficient and skilled at performing a blood transfusion.
  • Is proficient and skilled at monitoring critically ill patients; understands disease states and alerts doctors of changes in symptoms or condition.
  • Ability to admit patients following clinic policy and doctor's written orders; ability to discharge patients based on doctors orders, ensuring patients are well-groomed and in a medically appropriate state.
  • Interacts well with clients.
  • Is skilled at client conflict resolution; stays calm and cordial in crisis or heated situations.
  • Is comfortable in handling grief counseling and euthanasia concerns with clients.

What’s in it for you?

  • Working with a team of individuals who value cultivating connection with one another, the veterinary community of clients and patients, as well as the greater local community.  
  • Healthcare and fitness benefits 
  • Child care subsidy options 
  • Personal Finance coaching 
  • Continuing education support and opportunities 


$20 - $24 per hour