Pilina Vet Practice Director Kailua, HI · Full time

A soon-to-open medical-related business will be hiring a leader early in November. The right fit for this position is a candidate who knows they are a leader - not just because of a past title. You listen, have patience, are judicious, communicate effectively, have no issues delegating, and, most of all, epitomize certain values and take responsibility for leading the Team.


You steer into issues - not away - with a “can we do better” attitude and a spirit of aloha.

You want to run a business - and not just because it sounds important.  You love a detailed P&L and have reconciled at COB in the past.  You get a feeling of satisfaction when everything matches and may or may not have a special celebration dance associated with that.

Inventory is your second love and you don’t mind picking up the phone and calling vendors.  In fact, you suggest that they should buy you lunch at The Shack next week.

You are an expert communicator via any medium to include regularly speaking in front of small groups, writing professional correspondence, and listening patiently to emotional clients.  You likely don’t make it a practice of writing paragraph-length texts to relatives or colleagues because you know the value of a phone call or face-to-face conversation.

You have at least a basic understanding of marketing and campaigns, to include Google analytics, landing pages, and ROI.  You want to keep growing your knowledge and skills in this area.

You can’t help but click on the “settings” tab of new sales systems and technologies, including VOIP phones and collaborative workspaces (Asana), to learn more about them and how to maximize their use amongst the Team.

You have references - people who would have no problem stepping up and saying, “Yup, this person is the real deal.”

Most importantly of all, you believe in our Purpose of cultivating connection and will epitomize our values of wellness, proactiveness, respect, fortitude, and transparency to the Team and clientele.

But finally, you don’t live to work but are keenly aware of your “Why” - something that puts a smile on your face and spurs you on to improve, adventure, and lean in every day.


The Practice Director is responsible for the business activities of the practice including:

hiring and training support staff; working with the Co-CEOs to prepare financial statements and budgets, monitoring key performance indicators and setting fees; maintaining inventory and an inventory control system; managing the practice software; implementing safety and security procedures, ensuring patient safety, and client satisfaction. This is a leadership position with the additional responsibility of ensuring a positive work environment in which the practice achieves its goals.  This position is second only to the Co-CEOs and will be a key decision maker.


  • Promotes a client-centered environment and facilitates programs and processes that meet client needs.
  • Maintains the practice philosophy for attracting new clients and retaining existing clients.
  • Facilitates resolution of client problems that doctors or other staff members cannot finalize.
  • Resolves financial problems with clients, collecting delinquent accounts; determines when special financial agreements are appropriate.


  • Plans and organizes all personnel activities.
  • Works with the HR Director to update the employee handbook, written job descriptions, and maintain employee personnel files.
  • Schedules and coordinates regular performance reviews with HR. 
  • Manages support staff and/or staff supervisors; schedules staff and doctors.
  • In consultation with owners and doctors, sets and periodically reviews salaries, and benefits.
  • Provides phase training and helps staff plan for continuing education; establishes and maintains publications and veterinary medicine library.
  • Resolves staff issues.
  • Is accessible by staff while maintaining a professional relationship with them while ensuring staff retention through creating and maintaining a contented and fulfilling work environment.  


  • Works with the accountant in preparing budgets and financial statements, and providing information for tax planning and tax returns.
  • Reviews financial statements and key performance indicators and discusses them with the co-CEOs and doctors.
  • Prepares financial information for periodic GET filing.



  • Sets goals for clinic performance based on mission/vision; designs strategies for meeting these goals.
  • Supervises usage of practice software to ensure that client records are entered consistently and correctly.
  • Monitors and reports on accounts payable and receivable.
  • Establishes an inventory control system to assure adequate stocks of supplies are available; plans for periodic audits; negotiates best prices.
  • Orders, maintain, and when required disposes of controlled substance inventory. Maintains all controlled substance documentation in accordance with law enforcement.  Is responsible for periodic DEA audits. 


  • Develops a schedule for center maintenance; contracts for and supervises all maintenance activities to ensure that practice medical standards are met.
  • Orders and supervises storage of non-medical supplies.
  • Maintains a facility visually appealing to clients and staff.
  • Designs and administers safety and security regulations and training.


  • Initiates new programs and markets services through public relations campaigns.
  • Promotes internal marketing programs to increase client/patient visitation rate.
  • Maintains effective advertising in appropriate venues.


  • Communicates objectives, motivates staff, builds and maintains morale; maintains and models core values and standards.
  • Client education 
  • Takes an active role / leads in practice staff meetings.
  • Promotes cooperative working environment among staff members; understands the value of teamwork; shows enthusiasm and willingness to perform as the overall leader necessary to help the practice function as a unit.
  • Maintains positive, cooperative relationships with staff.
  • Promotes continuous quality improvement.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree


  • Work exposure to all aspects of a business enterprise, with demonstrated competence in budgeting and financial reporting and in staff management.
  • Experience in the Hospitality or Service sector is welcome, but not required.


  • Feel and express a genuine liking for animals and for working in an animal care environment.
  • Must be able to work without direct supervision and be comfortable with decision making; be able to use sound personal judgment in selecting methods, establishing priorities, and arriving at conclusions
  • Must be able to tactfully demonstrate “take charge” capabilities.
  • May be required to work uncommon hours, overtime, and be subject to recall in emergency situations. 
  • Deal intelligibly, pleasantly and efficiently with clients on the telephone and in person, often doing several things at one time.
  • Display tact and diplomacy with staff members and clients.
  • Work almost constantly in the presence of other staff members and clients.
  • Be flexible in attitude and work habits.
  • Quickly learn how to pronounce, know the meaning of and spell commonly used veterinary terms.
  • Physical Effort: Work requires lifting and carrying records and equipment weighing up to 25 lbs; requires sitting or standing for extended periods of time.
  • Working conditions: May be exposed to unpleasant odors, noises and animal feces. May be exposed to bites, scratches and contagious diseases.


  • Client education of the importance of preventative medicine is foundational to the business model
  • Cultivate and maintain a culture that is Team-centric, values-based
  • Use of technology for transparency and to foster the ultimate client experience

Please include your favorite color in the "Application Details" when applying.


$24 - $28 per hour