Pilina Vet Membership Experience Maximizer Kailua, HI · Full time

A Membership Experience Maximizer (MEM), also called a customer service representative, supports and adds value to an efficient organization dedicated to excellence in patient care. MEMs ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty rates are maintained at a high level, ensuring Pilina Vet’s reputation is stellar. They serve as the front line of guidance and support for clients as they seek medical advice and care for their animal family members. Greeting and welcoming patients with sincerity, answering telephone calls, returning emails, and scheduling appointments using the latest technology and software are central to the position. Attention to detail and a joyful disposition are key traits.


MEMs must possess good critical thinking and problem-solving skills, a positive attitude, good follow-through, and excellent communication and teamwork skills.




  • Understands the clinic’s mission and policies; good working knowledge of how the clinic runs as a whole, including an understanding of each role.
  • Understands the common medical terms used in procedures, services and medications; masters new terms quickly.
  • Is knowledgeable about our basic services (vaccination schedules, parasite prevention, etc.).
  • Understands our VOIP phone system; uses it efficiently.
  • Thoroughly understands job-related computer software programs; enters data promptly and accurately.
  • Writes notes, messages and hand-written records accurately, legibly and in a timely manner.
  • Is accurate and thorough in handling and recording monetary transactions.
  • Handles admissions efficiently with proper paperwork handled and policies followed. 
  • Handles reminders, statements, thank you cards, welcome cards and sympathy cards timely and with accuracy.
  • Understands and carries out oral and written directions.
  • Can outline costs and fees in a positive light while supporting clinic payment policies.
  • Prepares health certificates accurately; understands requirements and can effectively communicate these requirements to clients.
  • Can answer client questions about clinic policies.
  • Has a clear understanding of preventative products and can explain differences in such products; supports the clinic’s primary products and recommendations.

Client-Related Skills

  • Greets clients and patients in the lobby promptly and cheerfully.
  • Remembers client and patient names; relates well to animals. 
  • Answers the phone professionally and cordially, within three rings or fewer. Always asks permission to put the client on “hold”, and checks back on status of a call.  Distributes messages promptly. 
  • Skilled at turning phone-shoppers into clients through relationship-building and bonding.
  • Handles multiple phone calls and clients gracefully and efficiently.
  • Listens carefully to clients to ensure accurate understanding of their needs.
  • Skilled at client conflict resolution; stays calm and cordial in crisis situations. Can diffuse heated situations with ease while maintaining poise and professionalism.

Team Skills

  • Gets along well with and works well with other members of the team and as part of the team; is willing to help with other jobs when needed.
  • Does not gossip; avoids personal and petty commentary about team members and clients.
  • Takes direction and correction well.  Makes a sincere effort to correct issues when they come up; has a healthy and positive approach to management.


  • On time for work and returning from breaks/lunch; if delayed by an emergency, contacts clinic immediately.
  • Spends time productively; knows work priorities; remembers low-priority items and handles during slower times.
  • Looks for better ways to complete work; offers suggestions for improvement.
  • Ability to keep the front desk running efficiently and smoothly even when busy and when client wait is longer than usual.
  • Willing to cross train with other positions when the flow of business warrants.
  • Ensures that work area and client waiting areas are neat, clean and odor-free.


  • High school diploma (preferred)


  • Experience in the Hospitality or Service sector is welcome, but not required.


  • Feel and express a genuine liking for animals and for working in an animal care environment.
  • Must be able to work without direct supervision and be comfortable with decision making; be able to use sound personal judgment in selecting methods, establishing priorities, and arriving at conclusions
  • Deal intelligibly, pleasantly and efficiently with clients on the telephone and in person, often doing several things at one time.
  • Display tact and diplomacy with staff members and clients.
  • Work almost constantly in the presence of other staff members and clients.
  • Be flexible in attitude and work habits.
  • Quickly learn how to pronounce, know the meaning of and spell commonly used veterinary terms.
  • Physical Effort: Work requires lifting and carrying records and equipment weighing up to 25 lbs; requires sitting or standing for extended periods of time.
  • Working conditions: May be exposed to unpleasant odors, noises and animal feces. May be exposed to bites, scratches and contagious diseases.


  • Preventative medicine is key – wellness center – education and client understanding for practice success
  • Foster a sense of community with the staff and the community at large
  • Use of technology for clarity and to foster the best client experience possible

Please include your favorite color in the "Application Details" when applying.


$15 - $18 per hour