Pettis Webber Pacific Estate and Asset Planning P.S. Client Service Coorinator Vancouver, WA · Full time

Our firm needs an exceptional person to provide administrative support to attorneys and staff and serve as a client liaison. We are looking for someone to assist the firm in exceeding new client goals and contributing to firm expansion by being a warm and welcoming voice for our prospective clients seeking assistance through inbound communication and marketing channels. We want a naturally compassionate and empathetic listener, who has a dedication to customer service and a passion for helping those in need. We take pride in providing exceptional service to all of our clients and prospective clients. We want someone who focuses on creating an elevated experience for anyone who calls into the firm and who maintains the utmost level of warmth, authenticity, and professionalism. The Client Service Coordinator (CSC) is responsible for caring and effective interactions that assess the prospective client’s needs, offering measured solutions and/or establishing appointments based upon firm processes.


Job responsibilities

1. Develop and maintain strong relationships with new clients through in-person meetings and phone conversations.

2. Ensure that every individual who reaches out to the firm for assistance receives the necessary support and guidance, which may involve referring them to appropriate referral sources or government agencies, or providing them with free resources offered by the company.

3. Assist the team by conducting interviews with potential new clients and scheduling initial consultations for cases that align with the firm's expertise.

4. Prepare prospective clients for the tasks and requirements leading up to their initial consultation.

5. Coordinate and support marketing seminars, including handling registrations, confirmations, follow-up calls, and all necessary preparations for the events.

6. Continuously monitor the progress of clients' projects during the intake process and notify attorneys and team members if follow-up actions are needed.

7. Manage a high volume of incoming phone calls, including answering, transferring, and placing calls on hold.

8. Act as a Notary Public to witness and authenticate signatures.

Job qualifications

1. Dress professionally in business attire.

2. Be physically capable of lifting objects weighing up to 25 pounds from the floor to overhead.

3. Possess a valid driver's license and have adequate driving insurance coverage.

4. Hold a current Notary Public license or be willing to obtain one.

5. Have a high school diploma, along with additional education or training.

6. Prior experience in customer service is preferred.

7. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment.

8. Ability to effectively communicate and engage with elderly individuals, their families, and caregivers.

9. Proficiency in using modern office equipment and efficient computer skills.

10. Strong interpersonal, organizational, and customer service skills, along with excellent verbal communication abilities.


$17 - $18 per hour