Peaceful Media, Inc. Digital Marketer Remote · Part time

Seeking a Positive, Talented, Part-Time Digital Marketer


Peaceful Media is seeking a Digital Marketer who can help out with our current client load. The volume of work is variable, but it typically ends up around 20 hours/week. There are opportunities for full time employment, often after 1 year of contract (1099) work.

We are exactly what you’d expect from a Portland-based marketing agency: we’re friendly, honest and we love our pets. We treat our clients like family, and we strive for value over profits. (This is in part why so much of our work comes through client referrals.)

We are expanding our team in 2023.

Below is a list of skills that our ideal candidate would have. While not all are required, we’ve demarcated the platforms with an asterisk that you would likely use everyday.


Marketing platforms:

- *Facebook Business Manager (crucial)

- *Google Ads (crucial)

- *Google Analytics (crucial)

- Google Tag Manager

- LinkedIn Ads


- Data Analytics: (Excel or Google Sheets) - Experience crunching numbers and pulling insights from large sets of data.

Efficiency platforms:

- *G-Suite (crucial)  - specifically Google Sheets and Google Docs

- Slack

Design Platforms:

- *Canva (crucial, and easy to learn)

- Adobe Photoshop

Web Development and Email (nice to have, but not mandatory):

- Basic HTML and CSS knowledge

- Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify

- Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Klaviyo   



One of the first questions we ask in our interviews is about the expediency and reliability of online communication. Most of our contractors have other gigs, and as such we don’t expect an immediate response. Typically we ask for a response within 12-24 hours, especially if you are active on a project. If you are the type of person that goes off on an island working on a big project and doesn’t check your Slack or Email for 17 days, it might not be the perfect fit. We rely heavily on Slack communication for project efficiency.

Problem Solving.

Also, you are our ideal candidate if you are curious and a quick problem solver. I wish that I could tell you that 90% of your job would be inside the marketing and analytics platforms, however so much of the Digital Marketer’s job is basic problem-solving. You’ll encounter questions like: Why isn’t the LinkedIn pixel firing on (x) page? Why do the sales numbers from Google Analytics appear so much different than the Facebook Business Manager numbers? Questions like these are just the tip of the iceberg and rolling up your sleeves to troubleshoot these kinds of problems are a big part of the job.


Digital Marketing is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Clients change their minds, poor-performing campaigns need sudden/creative improvements—scopes can shift quickly. The ability to pivot quickly,  work well under pressure and with short timelines is pretty important. We are looking for someone who is comfortable with ambiguity and excited to (on occasion) step out of their comfort zone.


Like we stated earlier, we’re a group of very talented and hardworking individuals who love what we do. Personality fit plays just as much into our hiring decision (and sometimes more) than your resume.

Thank you so much for your interest! Please contact us with any clarifying questions about this position.

—Peaceful Media


$40 - $50 per hour