Pawlush, Inc. Bather Yukon, OK · Full time

The bather position will include lifting 50+LBS, washing/drying dogs, clipping/filing nails, expressing anal glands, ear cleaning, brushing, teeth brushing and sanitary shave.


Pawlush is looking for a self motivated, creative, positive, high energy person who works best in a team setting and is passionate about dogs and cats.

Skills Required:

  • customer service skills
  • has experience working with pets in a professional setting.
  • self aware
  • good communication skills
  • must care for animals and have patience
  • time management skills
  • can handle stress well (not all dogs like bathing/grooming that can be stressful)

Not Required but definitely a bonus:

  • social media skills
  • Artistic
  • wants to be a groomer


Applicants must have reliable transportation.

Be 18+ years of age.

Job would require bathing for 3 groomers with full schedules, anywhere from 18-25 dogs (of all sizes) each day.

We are looking for someone who wants a long term and stable job. 

The hours we are hiring for are 8am-1pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat.

Those with a solid understanding of the bathing position will have an opportunity to be a groomers apprentice and train to be a groomer!


$9 - $14 per hour