Pacific Reign Gymnastics Coach Ninja/Parkour Woodinville, WA · Part time

Join our team as a Ninja Warrior/Parkour Coach and inspire individuals of all ages to unleash their inner ninjas. Our dynamic classes blend Ninja Warrior, gymnastics, and parkour to develop strength, agility, and confidence.


1. Coaching Programs:

  • Coach fun and effective training programs for various age groups and skill levels.
  • Design exciting obstacle courses to challenge and motivate participants.

2. Hands-On Coaching:

  • Lead Ninja Warrior/Parkour classes, offering guidance and demonstrations.
  • Teach participants the proper techniques to conquer ground and hanging obstacles.

3. Personalized Feedback:

  • Observe and assess participant performance, providing constructive feedback.
  • Create individualized strategies for improvement, helping participants reach their goals.

4. Safety and Facility Care:

  • Prioritize participant safety, ensuring proper safety gear and a secure training environment.
  • Maintain a clean, organized facility, promptly addressing any safety concerns.

5. Collaborative Innovation:

  • Collaborate with fellow coaches to enhance training techniques and programs.
  • Stay updated on current lesson plans and ask questions if needed, and Stay updated on the latest Ninja Warrior and Parkour developments to keep classes fresh.

6. Effective Communication:

  • Establish clear communication with participants and families, updating them on progress and behavior.
  • Foster a supportive environment promoting teamwork and perseverance.


$18 - $22 per hour