Pacific Marriage & Family Therapy Network Pre-Licensed Mental Health Therapist SANTA MONICA, CA · Remote · Full time

CA Registered Associate


Work in private practice without the stress of running your own business. Experience significant clinical and administrative support, typical corporate benefits, and a culture of comradery, learning, and growth. Earn a comfortable living wage and a generous compensation package - without doing it by yourself.

Pacific MFT Network is committed to fostering a nurturing and supportive environment that focuses on the clinical, professional, and personal development of our staff. Our vision is to create an organization that treats clinicians with the utmost respect, fairness, equality, and support while compensating fairly and encouraging growth, development, and creativity. Our therapists enjoy the freedom and flexibility of private practice with the help, guidance, and benefits of a structured organization. Our mission is built on diversity. We provide excellent therapy and opportunities for all people to work with someone like them and in a modality that fits their needs.

Pacific MFT group private practice of highly skilled, licensed, and pre-licensed psychotherapists with a mission to help our clients live happier and more satisfying lives. We do so by creating relationships based on genuine care, acceptance, and support. We provide individual, couples, and family therapy, utilizing a variety of sought-after treatment modalities. We offer our services to children, teens, and adults, both in-person and virtually. 



• Comply with all legal and ethical requirements as outlined by the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) and any other related governing bodies

• Maintain good standing with the BBS, with no active investigations or complaints

• Comply with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements

• Utilize psychotherapeutic theories and techniques to deliver mental health services

• Develop and maintain a client caseload to achieve a full-time private practice caseload

• Diagnose psychological disorders

• Create treatment plans that outline proposed goals, plans, and methods of therapy

• Maintain up-to-date and accurate client records, treatment plans, notes, billing, assessments, and BBS required documents

• Complete 2 hours of marketing and/or networking a month

• Complete the required amount of supervision per week, as determined by BBS

• Maintain a high level of professionalism: competence, knowledge, conscientiousness, integrity, trustworthiness, emotional intelligence, appropriateness, and confidence


• Registered associate number from the BBS to practice in California

• Minimum of 500 hours of clinical experience

• 1+ years experience conducting psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and/or families

• Cultural, ethnic, and racial sensitivity

• Proficient in an electronic, paperless environment with knowledge and experience with; Microsoft Office products, Google Drives and email, texting, Google Meet, Google Voice, and EHR systems

• Clinical skills appropriate for level of experience


• Completed or registered for BBS Law & Ethics exam

• 2+ years experience working in mental health

• Basic understanding of out of network insurance process

• Unique clinical specialization or training/certification

• Bilingual

• Comfortable communicating openly with direct supervisor and higher levels of management

• Creativity and resourcefulness


$17 - $35 per hour