P A R I T Y Industrial Engineer Baltimore, MD · Full time

Parity is seeking a full-time, salaried Industrial Engineer to build out the company’s underlying technology and processes that will allow us to achieve economies of scale in our homebuilding efforts.




Parity is seeking a full-time, salaried Industrial Engineer to build out the company’s underlying technology and processes that will allow us to achieve economies of scale in our homebuilding efforts. This role has an anticipated start date of January 2023, and applications will be accepted until the role is filled. 

The role is best suited for a professional with a background in industrial engineering, systems engineering, lean manufacturing, management information systems and/or computer science, and working knowledge of at least one coding language, APIs, and relational databases. As the Industrial Engineer, you will build out the systems and workflows of our real estate development processes and play a fundamental role in supporting Parity’s exponential growth and scale.


Reports To: CEO, Bree Jones

Works Closely With: Director of Construction, Real Estate Project Manager, Homebuyer Success Manager


About Parity


Parity is a Black woman-led company that innovatively unlocks gridlocked housing markets by leveraging the social capital of existing neighbors and those most harmed by institutional racism. We create upfront demand for affordable homeownership opportunities in neighborhoods experiencing hyper-vacancy by creating pathways for existing residents, families, and other social collectives to purchase homes together block by block as a means of community-building and wealth-building. Parity removes systemic barriers to neighborhood revitalization by using innovative methods to acquire and renovate decades-abandoned properties and sells the homes at deeply affordable price points, which unlocks the supply-demand quandary that keeps neighborhoods depressed.


Parity leads with racial equity, intersectionality, and Development without Displacement at the core of our work to ensure that those who have been historically disinvested of wealth and agency are able to direct the outcomes of and benefit from reinvestment into their communities. Parity was born from the notion that we can rebuild historically redlined communities through the redistribution of power and ownership. We see our impact as broader than just the homes we sell – we are shifting ideology and practice of how Black neighborhoods are valued. Watch our TED Talk to learn more about us. http://go.ted.com/breejones


Parity is at a catalytic inflection point in our journey. The Industrial Engineer will be one of the most crucial hires for the company in that you will build the systems and processes that create a strong foundation for the business.


Our Guiding Principles


  1. We understand and undo oppressive systems within us and around us
  2. We strive to create an unparalleled experience for our customers, stakeholders, communities, and audiences across all our touchpoints and interactions
  3. We craft rich and engaging storytelling that deeply resonates
  4. We don’t follow markets or trends, we create them


About The Role


As the Industrial Engineer, you will build out tech-enabled systems and processes that make our real estate development and business operations more efficient and streamlined. We expect you to have a strong working knowledge of industrial engineering, technology, coding, and relational databases. Below are key functions of your role:


  1. Database Management – owning Parity’s relational database system, utilizing APIs to manage the inflow and outflow of data from a variety of data sources into a single source of truth, and the synchronization & distribution of data across internal and external teams and functions (i.e. employees, board members, contractors, clients and homebuyers).
  2. Lean Manufacturing – guiding Parity’s homebuilding operations to function similarly to an assembly line, where construction time and costs are reduced, and construction productivity and throughput are increased.
  3. Process Automations – identifying recurring processes that are currently manual and time-consuming but can be automated, and building and managing those automations using tools like Python, C++, Zapier, IFTTT, Automate.io, and others.
  4. Iterative Process Improvement and Measurement – building a digital visual representation of Parity’s current processes throughout the real estate development workflow, building tools for measuring key performance indicators, identifying areas for process improvement, and iterating on those process improvements.
  5. Standard Operating Procedures – documenting the standard business processes and operating practices.
  6. Enterprise Resource Systems – facilitating the build out of Parity’s back end technological systems and software that support the management of the company including CRM, relational database tools like Airtable, project management tools like ClickUp, BuilderTrend. and Microsoft One Drive servers.
  7. Special Tech Enabled Projects – oversee the roll out of special tech-enabled projects as they arise (i.e. hiring and overseeing a 3rd party team of developers to build a Parity app that allows homebuyers to see various details regarding their buyer journey like mortgage requirements and architectural plans).


You will apply the above lean manufacturing and value stream mapping principles to Parity’s real estate development activities including but not limited to property acquisition, property maintenance, pre-construction, architecture & construction, home sales, and post purchase support. 



▶︎ Industrial Engineering

  • Ability to identify and drive areas for continuous improvement in company’s processes and workflows utilizing lean manufacturing principles
  • Demonstrated experience with project management
  • Five years’ experience working within operations in a “manufacturing environment”
  • Experience analyzing operations and its cost drivers, analyzing material and information flows, and analyzing productivity, material consumption, and operation expenses
  • Ability to increase homebuilding efficiencies by recommending and implementing process enhancements relating to waste elimination by improving process flow
  • Experience standardizing processes and practices across the company
  • Experience with Tableau, Power BI, or other data visualizations software
  • Ability to design data models, flowcharts, and documentation that reflect the company’s processes


▶︎ Database Management

  • Excellent computer skills and a high degree of programming knowledge to create and maintain databases and manage data
  • Solid knowledge of data integration, scripting, programming, and workflow development
  • Knowledge of data-oriented languages to cleanse, manipulate, and present data (e.g. SQL, VBA, Python, R, NoSql/Hadoop)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of design, implementation and maintenance of relational databases and data models
  • Experience creating and developing connected forms, dashboards, and data reports
  • Experience examining databases for security, data flow, and functionality


▶︎ General Requirements

  • Ability to solve problems as well as recognize issues and deal with them directly
  • Comfortability with ambiguity, and are a systems-thinker creating structure and documentation where there may have been none previously
  • Strong strategic thinking skills and the ability to maneuver between high-level goals and very specific tasks to execute those goals
  • Comfortability with working autonomously, and ability to be a self-starter and hold yourself to self-appointed deliverables
  • Comfortability with Airtable, ClickUp, Slack, Miro, Canva, Salesforce, and the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including technical writing skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office tools


Salary & Location


  • $70K-$90K commensurate with experience
  • Generous benefits package including health, dental, vision and life insurance
  • Unlimited personal time off and paid sick leave
  • Must be located in the Baltimore metropolitan area (within 1 hour commute)
  • 2 days in the office, and the remainder of the week remotely


$70,000 - $90,000 per year