Join a premier construction team in a hands-on leadership role. Guide, mentor, and work directly alongside construction laborers of varied skills. Engage in out-of-town projects, report to the OVI-GC Superintendent, and collaborate with multiple Construction Management firms. Technical proficiency in Microsoft Office, mobile apps, and a contingent 90-day hiring period apply. Grow with us and harness the opportunity to further specialize based on your expertise.



For over 20 years, OVI General Contracting has established itself in the construction industry, recognized as a dependable partner. From minor repairs to large-scale projects, our unwavering commitment to excellence, professionalism, and punctual delivery sets us apart.


OVI General Contracting is actively seeking a seasoned Construction Foreman or Lead with a hands-on approach. Not only will this role require leadership and supervisory abilities, but it also mandates direct involvement in construction tasks. The selected individual will be at the forefront, executing a variety of construction duties, alongside managing and overseeing the project. This position reports directly to the OVI-GC Superintendent and is expected to adapt and take direction from the designated representative of the Construction Management (CM) Firm. Representatives could come from different CM companies, depending on the specific project at hand.

Another vital aspect of this position is mentorship. The Lead will serve as a guide and mentor to construction laborers, who come with diverse skill levels. Through instruction, demonstration, and direct assistance, the Lead will play a pivotal role in enhancing the team's capabilities. If you bring extensive construction experience, have a talent for hands-on work, and possess the drive to uplift and guide your team across varied settings, this role offers an unmatched opportunity to be a part of a premier organization and engage in a spectrum of projects.


·        Direct construction activities ensuring alignment with project plans and designs. 

·        Head and manage on-site construction teams. 

·        Organize tasks in line with priorities and plans. 

·        Ensure adherence to all safety precautions and quality standards. 

·        Address and resolve on-site issues and challenges. 

·        Mentor and guide construction workers and subcontractors. 

·        Oversee machinery and equipment utilization. 

·        Ensure alignment with local construction regulations and industry best practices. 

·        Communicate progress and potential challenges to the OVI-GC Superintendent and associated stakeholders.


·        Demolition 

·        Framing 

·        Drywall 

·        Acoustical Ceilings 

·        FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) and Wall Paneling 

·        Painting 

·        Cabinets 

·        Carpentry 

·        Finishes


·        Significant tenure in a supervisory or lead role within the construction industry. 

·        Mastery in reading and interpreting blueprints. 

·        Comprehensive knowledge of construction procedures, tools, and machinery. 

·        Robust leadership and team management capabilities. 

·        Physical fitness to meet the job demands. 

·        High school diploma or equivalent; a tertiary education in construction or a related domain is advantageous. 

·        Construction Safety certification or similar training is preferred.



Microsoft Office Proficiency: Ability to effectively use programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to generate reports, maintain records, and communicate with team members.

Email: Skilled in using email platforms for official communication, sending attachments, and managing correspondence.

Mobile Applications: Proficiency in installing and utilizing iOS/Android applications for a range of tasks, including:

o  Performing daily logs and reporting time.

o  Accessing and using HR-related applications.

o  Managing expenses via dedicated expense management apps.




1.      Resume Submission: A detailed resume is mandatory for all applicants.

2.      Skills Questionnaire: Applicants will undergo a questionnaire designed to gauge their skills and expertise.

3.      Interview Rounds: Candidates will undergo multiple rounds of interviews to delve deeper into their suitability for the role.

4.      Skills Assessment: Finalists will be asked to complete a hands-on skills assessment, further demonstrating their capability and expertise in relevant areas.

5.      Contingent Hiring: Successful candidates will be hired on a contingent basis for an approximate duration of 90 days. This period allows both the employee and employer to assess the fit and compatibility in real-time settings.

6.      Benefits Activation: Upon successful completion of the contingent period, candidates will begin receiving the full suite of company benefits.

7.      Role Assessment and Offer: Post the 90-day contingent period, the candidate will be evaluated. Based on their expertise and fit with the team, they will be offered a position that aligns best with their strengths. It's important to note that the compensation might be adjusted from the initial contingent wage, based on the role and responsibilities undertaken.


OVI General Contracting is more than a job—it's a journey. In our vibrant ecosystem, flanked by seasoned professionals, the potential for learning and growth is limitless. We offer an attractive compensation package, all-encompassing benefits, and tangible pathways for career advancement.

OVI General Contracting champions the principle of equal opportunities. Every candidate, irrespective of their background, will undergo an assessment purely based on merit and competence.

Keen to forge a path with us? Forward your resume complemented by a cover letter that encapsulates your expertise and passion for the role. We're poised for new horizons, together.