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Join a Pioneering Clinic: Transform PTSD Treatment with Integrated & Collaborative Care. Seeking Clinicians that are Passionate about Holistic Healing and Innovation. Help Shape the Future of Trauma Therapy through Professional Development & Mentoring.




  • A Trauma-Focused Healing Practitioner born to be part of an innovative, revolutionary, and loyal team?

  • A compassionate and skilled clinician with a drive for helping individuals heal from trauma without crossing your own limits and bandwidth?

  • An expert or aspiring novice in trauma-focused care who is eager to play a crucial role in providing integrative & holistic use of modalities to those also eager to heal their own detrimental development caused by trauma?

  • Excited about learning and teaching to better support clients on their journey to healing while not shying away from addressing barriers and maladaptive behaviors? 


  • Master's degree in clinical psychology, social work, counseling, or a related field?

  • Licensure as a substance use and/or mental health professional in the state of Utah?

  • Specialized training or desire to specialize and certify in trauma-focused therapies in-conjunction with psycholytic integration?

  • Experience working with diverse populations and individuals with complex trauma histories?

  •  Strong interpersonal and communication skills?

  • Compassion, empathy and cultural humility? 

  • Ability to apply ethical dilemma decision making while upholding client confidentiality, self-determination, and clinic policies, protocols, and procedures?


  • Be professional and always show mutual respect- just because you disagree, doesn’t mean you are always right. 

  • Do your documentation in a timely and accurate manner- we get paid for the paperwork not for the relationship. 

  • Keep learning- if you’ve stopped learning, this may not be the right fit for you. 

  • Do your CEs- try stretching into the future i.e. telehealth, AI, psychedelics. 

  • Create, innovate, and pioneer healing practices- design and maintain a gracious space where safety is the landing pad and bravery is the starting point. 

  • Psycho-ducate- teach patients, their families, and friends about realities of post-traumatic growth. 

  • Collaborate- facilitate integrated behavioral healthcare with our multidisciplinary team. 


  • Train on validated and preferred initial screenings and assessments to identify key trauma-related symptoms due to racism, sexism, and heteronormativity. 

  • Our attitude of agnosticism will help you develop your own non-binary mentality to improve upon a prism point-of-view and kaleidoscopic perspective. 

  • Mentorship will help you take advantage of our team by utilizing our professional, development, supervision, and case consultations with all supervisors and peers to enhance your skills.

  • Receive an annual bonus structure based on not just your performance but your contributions to our growth and sustainability. 

  • Let us help you define your own private practice niche through additional business and entrepreneurial support i.e. public profile listings, business cards, and back-end report data that will highlight your strengths. 


INFO: [email protected]


$25 - $75 per hour