Our Loving Arms Childcare Inc. Retired -Teachers Chicago Heights, IL · Part time

looking for retired teachers that want past time work


Job description



60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours from an accredited college or University of which 6 semesters or nine quarter hours are in and/or related to early childhood education.


One year (1560 clock hours) of child development experience in nursery school, kindergarten or licensed day care center and 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours of credits from an accredited college with 6 semesters or 9 quarter hours in courses related directly to child care and /or child development from birth to age 6.

Must meet all requirements for DCFS

Must have patience with children and desire to want to work with them.

Employees must be a loving, caring, sensitive and friendly individual towards children.

Must be able to communicate with children and co-workers

Job Description

  • Skills to help children meet their developmental and emotional needs
  • Skills in planning, directing, and conducting programs that meet the children’s basic needs
  • Ensure staff/child ratios is maintained at all times
  • Conduct weekly observations of all children in your classroom
  • Check equipment daily for chipped paint, broken toys, toys the need batteries, etc.
  • Set goals for children individually
  • Teach children appropriate societal behavior characteristics
  • Must complete 20 hours of in-service/online training per year
  • Must have emotional maturity when working with children
  • Cooperation with the purposes and services of the program
  • Respect for children and adults
  • Flexibility, understanding and patience
  • Physical and mental health that do not interfere with child care responsibilities
  • Good personal hygiene
  • Frequent interaction with children
  • Listening skills, availability and responsiveness to children
  • Sensitivity to children’s socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and individual needs and capabilities
  • Use of positive discipline and guidance techniques and
  • Ability to provide an environment in which children can feel comfortable, relaxed, happy and involved in play, recreation and other activities
  • Must be fingerprinted and cleared from background check.
  • Must submit 3 letters of reference
  • Must have physical updated every 2 years (T.B. test included)
  • Must be able to lift 40 lbs. or more
  • Must submit a copy of Transcripts
  • Must be at least 19 years of age
  • Very observant of the children at all times
  • Implement the safety and health standards set by DCFS
  • Have monthly lessons plans visibly displayed in the classroom
  • Complete lesson plans
  • Carrying out lesson plans
  • Plan age appropriate activities that support children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development
  • Keep a smooth operation of the classroom activities
  • Work well with the Teacher’s Assistant
  • Act as a role model for children
  • Conduct Parent Teacher Conferences as they arise (the director will inform you of when)
  • Report needs of supplies and replacement of toys and/or equipment
  • Report unacceptable behavior of children
  • Communicate with the director daily of any changes and/or progress of the children
  • Report injuries, fill out incident reports if witnessed by you or follow up with the Teacher’s Assistant to fill out a report.
  • Completion of daily reports
  • Attend staff meetings and in-services as they are scheduled
  • Maintain confidentiality with regards to children, co-worker and parents
  • Show good judgment and problem-solving skills
  • Update classroom bulletin boards
  • Report absence and present sick children to the director
  • Perform daily cleaning duties
  • Be aware of company policies
  • Be aware of food allergies of the children
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of toys and classroom furniture
  • Record observations
  • Know ratios per age group
  • Food Handlers Certification
  • Evaluations of children


$15 - $18 per hour