Orange Coast Cardiology Medical Corporation Office manager Remote · Full time

The person will supervise two employees and help with problem solve, talking to patients, billing related issues and managerial tasks


These include but not limited to:

1. Supervising and help in running office

2. Scheduling procedures - Hoag, Orange coast surgical center, rarely OCM and FV hospitals

3. Answering phone calls and helping with the voicemails

4. Calling patients back, filling Rx especially if they left a message a day or 2 ago.

5. Answering billing questions (simple ones only). 

6. Authorization management - including urgent authorizations, retro for all insurances, and make sure pre-auth are in place before appointments for IPA/ HMO patients

7. Trouble shooting office issues – helping front / back desk when needed.

8. Ordering supplies, working with insurance companies etc.

Salary will be based on experience and training - but will be competitive