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Ultrasound Technologist


Hourly: $76/hr. All-Inclusive. || $3,040 weekly gross.

Nontaxable Stipend:- $29.05/hr. || $1,162 weekly.

Taxable:- $46.95/hr.

OT Rate: 1.5 time the W2 Rate (Overtime Starts After: 40)

Contract length: 13 weeks

Guaranteed hours per week: 40

Shift: Varied

As an Ultrasound Technologist, you will be responsible for performing diagnostic ultrasound examinations for patients. You will work with a team of healthcare professionals to provide high-quality imaging services. This position offers competitive hourly rates and a nontaxable stipend for eligible employees. Overtime opportunities are available, and the contract length is 13 weeks with guaranteed hours per week. Shifts may vary, providing flexibility for your schedule.


$70 - $76 per hour