NOOGA TAXI Taxi Driver (Owner Operator) Chattanooga, TN · Full time

This position is for owner operator option to perform the transportation of passengers from pickup to destination.



DOT Physical $110

Background Check $40

10-Panel Drug Test $60

Alcohol Test $65

You are applying for a contract job as an independent contractor. Which means you financially qualify your self as a qualified contractor for hire. You as a contractor pay for your qualification tests. If you meet the basic qualifications below we will send you an email with the links for the pre-contract testing.


You must be 23 years old or older to apply

Drivers license requirements:

Tennessee: class "D" with a "F" endorsement

Georgia: class "C" with a commercial class "C" endorsement

Alabama: class "D" with a "P" endorsement

This requirement is due when applying for the taxi permit which can be done at the time of initial basic inspection.

Vehicle requirements:

Black in color


Tennessee: Commercial Business 1 (COMM BUS 1)

Georgia: Taxi Cab Registration

Alabama: Taxi Cab Registration

This requirement is not due until the basic inspection with the city inspector, unless you are registered in Hamilton County, TN you will inspect first and then get your registration plate pending basic inspection approval by the city inspector.

Commercial insurance:

Bodily injury (per person) 50,000

Bodily injury (per accident) 100,000

Property damage (per accident) 25,000

It is our recommendation to have full coverage on your vehicle. You may call Cook Insurance to get a quote ahead of time to see what your down payment and monthly insurance costs will be. (423) 870-3959. This requirement is not due until the basic inspection with the city inspector.

City of Chattanooga Taxi Permit Requirements:

Passed all Pre-Contract testing successfully

Qualified drivers license with "F","C" or "P" endorsement

Notarized($5) drivers permit application (form is provided)

A $10 money order to the CITY OF CHATTANOOGA

This requirement is due when applying for the taxi permit or can be done when getting your initial basic vehicle inspection with the city inspector.

City of Chattanooga Taxi Vehicle Requirements:

Vehicle must pass a basic visual inspection

Vehicle must have qualified commercial insurance

Notarized($5) permit to operate vehicle application (form is provided)

A $50 money order to the CITY OF CHATTANOOGA

When you complete the inspection with the city inspector you will be given a completed inspection form to take with you to the DMV to get your Commercial Business 1 license plate ($55) for the Hamilton County, TN only. Alabama and Georgia registrations need to be done prior to the initial basic inspection with the city inspector. Registration for these two state are unknown.


  • Pick up passengers at prearranged locations, taxi stands, airports, bust stop or high traffic areas.
  • Assists passengers with any and all luggage.
  • Ensures passengers reach their destinations safely and on time.
  • Observes safety regulations and state laws regarding vehicle operation; ensures passengers also follow applicable safety regulations.
  • Communicates with dispatchers by phone to receive requests for passenger service.
  • Ensures vehicle equipment such as brakes, lights, windshield wipers, etc., is maintained and operating properly.
  • Reports vehicle problems to dispatchers.
  • Submits accident reports when needed.
  • Conducts routine maintenance on vehicles including adding gasoline, oil, and water and checking tire pressure; ensures more specialized maintenance and repairs are performed.
  • Maintain a professional appearance.
  • Performs other related duties as required.
  • Keep vehicle exterior/interior clean as required.
  • Pick up and throw away debris left behind from passengers.
  • Must be able to take cash and credit card payments.
  • Turn on and off meter.
  • Figure out where passengers are going.
  • Make change and issue receipts.
  • Determine fares based on distance, number of passengers, or times.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Excellent driving skills.
  • Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Thorough understanding of traffic regulations, road signs, and routes.
  • Familiarity with GPS software.
  • Familiarity with smart phones and tablets.
  • Use knowledge of local streets and traffic patterns to avoid heavy traffic.
  • Must have a tablet that is data enabled with a sim car. (we recommend a Samsung Tab A7 Lite Tablet). We also rent these devices to drivers for a flat fee of $5.00 a week which is very reasonable giving the data enabled tablet cost through a cell network provider are pretty pricey.


  • Had a drivers license for at least 1 year.

Physical Requirements:

  • Physically able to drive a vehicle for prolonged periods of time.
  • Must be able to lift and move luggage weighing up to 50 pounds.


Current Driver Fees:

$40 Flat weekly fee

$1.50 per trip fee

On average the most a driver will pay out weekly will be anywhere between $50-$120 depending on how many jobs you have completed that week. There is no cap or extra driver fees. For Example: If you make $2,000 in one week you pay $38 for that week plus $1.50 per job. If a completed job comes to a total of $200, you only payout $1.50 for that job.

We invoice drivers weekly on Monday for a Monday-Sunday previous week schedule format. The weekly invoice will include all your recorded jobs minus any of the said fees above. All driver fees will be subtracted from your credit card and account transactions. We pay out by the end of the day Monday via Zelle transfer. We can use other platforms to get you your weekly payout but it will come with fees added on which are not ours. Zelle is free and integrated with most major banks and banking apps. All cash transactions are kept by the driver.


$800 - $2,000 per week