National Aquatic Services LLC Aquatics Technician Jacksonville, NC · Part time

You will be assigned a pool route where you will be responsible for the maintenance of their swimming pools and hot tubs.


  • Clean pool and skim debris in water using net and vacuum
  • Empty and change pool filters
  • Test chlorine and pH levels in swimming pool water
  • Add swimming pool chemicals (e.g., chlorine, acid) to maintain water quality
  • Repair underwater light fittings, cracks, leaks, and faulty equipment
  • Perform preventive swimming pool maintenance
  • Drain pools and water lines as needed (e.g., repairs, seasonal prep)
  • Drive the company truck to clients’ homes
  • Load and unload tools and equipment from work vehicles
  • Keep company vehicles stocked with chemicals and pool cleaning equipment
  • Coordinate service with customers and answer pool maintenance questions
  • Manage job details, review daily tasks, and follow up with customers using the Skimmer application
  • Clean and maintain company vehicles to standard


$15 - $15 per hour