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To provide skilled nursing care, in accordance with the patient's plan of care, to include comprehensive health and psychosocial evaluation, monitoring of the patient’s condition, health promotion and prevention coordination of services, teaching and training activities, and direct nursing care.


Be responsible for the observation, assessment, nursing diagnosis, counsel, care and health teaching for patients, and health maintenance and illness prevention for others

Maintain a clinical record for each patient receiving care

Provide progress notes to the patient's physician or podiatrist about patients under care when the patient's conditions change or there are deviations from the plan of care, or at least every 60 days for a home health agency.

In the case of an RN working as a part of a home health or home nursing agency, make home health aide assignments, prepare written instructions for the aide, and supervise the aide in the home

Direct the activities of the licensed practical nurse

Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by the patient's physician or podiatrist

Act as the coordinator of the health care team in order to maintain the proper linkages within a continuum of care

Coordinate total patient care by conducting comprehensive health and psychosocial evaluation, monitoring the patient's condition, promoting sound preventive practices, coordinating services, and teaching and training activities.

Evaluate the effectiveness of nursing service, to the patient and family, on an ongoing basis.

Perform admission, transfer, re-certification, resumption of care, and discharge OASIS for the home care patient.

Conduct an initial, and ongoing, comprehensive assessment of the patient’s needs, including Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) assessments, at appropriate time points.

Prepare, and present, patient's record to the Clinical Record Review Committee, as indicated.

Participate in case conferences, discuss with the supervisor problems concerning the patients, and how they may best be handled.

Discuss, with the appropriate supervisor, the need for the involvement of other members of the health team, such as the Home Health Aide, the Physical Therapist, the Speech Therapist, the Occupational Therapist, The Medical Social Worker, etc.

Obtain orders for home health aide service and submit a referral to the appropriate personnel.

Participate in the patient’s discharge planning process, including closing charts of discharged patients.

Cooperate with other agencies providing nursing, or related, services to provide continuity of care and to implement a comprehensive care plan to just before Coordinates the Admission of a Patient to the Agency – grey banner)

Participate in staff development meeting.

Submit clinical notes, within 48 hours, and progress notes and other clinical record forms outlining the services rendered.

Adhere to federal, state, and accreditation requirements, including Medicare and Medicaid regulations.

May be requested, by Agency Supervisor, to fill in for the other nurses.

Cooperate with other agencies providing nursing, or related, services to provide continuity of care and to implement a comprehensive care plan.

Develop, and implement, the nursing care plan

Observing signs, and symptoms, and reporting to the physician: reactions to treatments, including drugs, as well as changes in the patient's physical, or emotional, condition.

Participate in the development, and periodic revision, of the physician’s Plan of Treatment and processes change orders, as needed.

Prepare the care plan for the Home Health Aide.


Obtain a medical history from the patient, and/or a family member, particularly, as it relates to the present condition.

Conduct a physical examination of the patient, including vital signs, physical assessment, mental status, appetite and type of diet, etc.

Evaluate the patient, family member(s), and home situation, to determine what health teaching, supervising, and counseling is needed, regarding the nursing care and other related problems of the patient, at home.

Evaluate the patient's environment to determine what assistance will be available, from family members, in caring for the patient.

Evaluate the patient's condition, and home situation, to determine if the services of a Home Health Aide will be required and the frequency of this service.

Explain nursing, and other Agency, services to patients and families, as a part of planning for care.

Develop, and implement, the nursing care plan to just before Coordinates the Admission of a Patient to the Agency – grey banner)


Nursing services, treatments, and preventative procedures, requiring substantial specialized skill and ordered, by the physician.

The initiation of preventative and rehabilitative nursing procedures, as appropriate, for the patient's care and safety.


Make a supervisory visit to the patient's residence at least every two weeks either when the home health aide is present to observe and assist, or when the home health aide is absent

Submit, to the appropriate department/individual, written evaluations of the Home Health Aides who are providing service to the patients, in his/her geographical area.

Submit a tally of visits made, each day.

Supervises the LPN, once monthly.

Participate in the educational experiences for student nurses.

Participate in the planning, operation, and evaluation of the nursing service.

Participate in the patient’s discharge planning.


Must have a driver’s license and be willing, and able, to drive to patients’ residences.

The ability to access patients’ homes, which may not be routinely wheelchair accessible, is required. Hearing, eyesight, and physical dexterity must be sufficient to perform a physical assessment of the patient's condition and to perform and demonstrate patient care.

Physical activities will include, walking, sitting, stooping, and standing and minimal to maximum lifting of patients and the turning of patients.

The ability to communicate, both, verbally, and in writing, is required as frequent communication, by telephone, and in writing in English, is required.


Thermometer, B/P cuff, glucometer, penlight, hand washing materials.


Has access to all patient medical records, personnel records, and patient financial accounts, which may be discussed with the Agency Supervisor.


1.    Must be a graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.

2.    Must be licensed in the state, as a Registered Nurse.

3.    One, or more, years of experience, in community/home health agency or in a hospital setting, is preferred.

4.    Must have knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid guidelines.

5.    Must have a working knowledge of home healthcare, and the principles and techniques of professional nursing, and required documentation that pertains to it.

6.    Should be skillful in organization, and in the principles of time management, and have knowledge of management processes.

7.    Must be able to contribute to the quality of care being rendered, through constructive communication with nursing managers and staff.

8.    Must have a criminal background check.

9.    Must have a current CPR certification. Online certification is not accepted.