MV Learning, LLC Sr. Digital Marketing Analyst Remote · Full time

The Digital Marketing Analyst transforms data into decisive marketing strategies through expert data analysis, strategic planning, and problem-solving.


McKinney-Vento Learning partners with school districts to ensure that students in unstable situations can access the necessary learning and personal development resources. Our technology and training helps schools understand how to identify and assist students experiencing homelessness or instability, ensuring equitable learning opportunities for all.


The Digital Marketing Analyst will effectively turn data into decisive strategies across various platforms. This role is designed for individuals who excel in data analysis, strategic planning, and problem-solving. You will focus on analyzing market trends and data to inform targeted marketing strategies. This position requires a collaborative approach, working cross-functionally to optimize our marketing efforts and drive the adoption of our technology.


  • Mine data for insights, using proven methods to craft strategies that boost software adoption.
  • Strategize targeted email campaigns based on solid data, with a portfolio that showcases conversion success.
  • Engage in cross-functional collaboration, ensuring marketing strategies are finely tuned to school-district nuances, backed by metrics of past successes.
  • Utilize advanced analytics to monitor and refine campaign performance, with a history of optimizing for peak impact.


  • Extensive digital marketing experience with a portfolio that speaks to data-driven strategy success and significant lead conversion improvements.
  • Adept with marketing analytics tools, with metrics or KPIs.
  • A strategic thinker and problem-solver, results in decisions backed by data
  • Excellent communicator and collaborator, leveraging our sales and customer success teams to pool insights and achieve shared goals.

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This is a fully remote role and requires availability Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm EST.