Mending Bridges Behavioral Health Technician Mission Viejo, CA · Full time

The Behavioral Health Technician is an entry-level position in the Operations Department. The BHT's are responsible for the shift-by-shift supervision of the client milieu and attending to client’s essential needs while at Mending Bridges.


Mending Bridges Essential Functions

Behavioral Health Technician Duties:

Fulfill all Behavioral Health Technician responsibilities and documentation within mandated timelines by The Companies, state regulations, and accrediting bodies.

Training and Compliance:

Adhere to all IMS requirements, engaging in Detox Protocol, IMS, and MAT training, alongside other mandated training sessions.

Conduct client rounds following state protocols, meticulously documenting observations in the Electronic Health Record (EHR), including detailed assessments of breathing and client positioning.

Shift Management:

Begin each shift by reviewing the daily communication log, summarizing activities at the shift's end, and ensuring the completion of all required tasks.

Execute intake procedures for new admissions according to policy, encompassing UA, vitals, assessments, searches, and paperwork completion.

Client Care and Documentation:

Document daily client progress comprehensively in their charts, including overnight staff documentation of sleep quality and quantity.

Perform medication observation for clients, adhering to Company and DHCS guidelines.

Execute detoxification protocols for applicable clients, completing CIWA, COWS forms, and vital sign rounds.

Provide crisis intervention support when necessary.

Log new medications or changes as per DHCS and company protocols.

Client Support and Activities:

Assist, instruct, or supervise clients in household chores, cleanliness, and food preparation, ensuring a tidy environment.

Lead or assist in group activities such as Morning Reflection, Evening Reflection, Book study, and others as required, including facilitation and documentation.

Support clients with daily programming needs, communicating observations and client needs to the clinical and operations teams.

Communication and Transportation:

Demonstrate attentive listening skills to clients and effectively relay their needs to the treatment team.

Provide transportation for clients to appointments, meetings, and other activities requiring transport to and from the facility.

Team Collaboration:

Attend weekly staff meetings, contributing constructively.

Offer support to co-workers, aiding in task completion when needed.

Arrive punctually for shifts, facilitating smooth transitions between shifts and reporting as necessary.

Volunteer for additional shifts to support staffing needs and offer assistance as needed.

Be open to cross-training and flexible in assuming additional duties as required for seamless client care.

Problem-Solving and Efficiency:

Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to alternative approaches.

Make contingency plans for adverse circumstances potentially affecting punctuality.

Continuously evaluate work quality to meet client expectations and resolve conflicts positively.

Personal Development and Competencies:

Attend annual training sessions to stay informed on substance use disorder treatment topics.

Engage in continuing education to maintain licensing or certifications.

Exhibit introductory knowledge of the 12 Steps and alternative recovery methods.

Demonstrate interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills, including HIPAA compliance.

Show proficiency in computer usage, including Google Suite and digital documentation.


Supervisory Responsibility:

This position does not involve direct supervision of others.

Work Environment and Physical Demands:

Operate within a residential treatment facility, requiring regular walking and client interaction.

Perform tasks involving standing, walking, bending, and potentially lifting items over 20 pounds.

Work Schedule and Travel:

Maintain a full-time hourly schedule, with shifts rotating as per facility needs, including holidays and inclement weather.

No travel is expected for this role.

Minimum Qualifications:

Possess current RADT-I certification or higher (or willingness to obtain within 30 days of employment).

Hold a High School diploma or GED equivalent.

Acquire at least one year of experience in a human services setting or equivalent.

Maintain a clean DMV record and valid Driver’s License.

Possess current First Aid and CPR Certifications, TB Clearance, and California Facility Health Personnel Clearance.

Performance Evaluation and Equal Employment:

Undergo performance evaluations and adhere to performance expectations and improvement plans if necessary.

Commit to providing Equal Employment Opportunities to all employees and applicants.


The listed duties are not exhaustive and may be supplemented as needed based on program requirements.


$16 - $20 per hour