LOCG LLC Porter Council, ID · Part time

Cleaning professional



Basic Cleaning Services. The porter shall accomplish all cleaning tasks to meet the requirements of the requirements listed below.

  1. Maintain Floors. All floors, except carpeted areas, shall be swept, dust mopped, damp mopped, wet mopped, dry buffed, and spray buffed, as needed, to ensure they have a uniform, glossy appearance and are free of dirt, debris, dust, scuff marks, heel marks, other stains and discoloration, and other foreign matter. Baseboards, corners and wall/floor edges shall also be clean. All floor maintenance solutions shall be removed from baseboards, furniture, trash receptacles, etc. Chairs, trash receptacles, and other moveable items shall be moved to maintain floors underneath these items. All moved items shall be returned to their original and proper position.
  2. Remove Trash. All trash containers shall be emptied and returned to their initial location. Boxes, cans, and papers placed near a trash receptacle and marked “TRASH” shall be removed. Any obviously soiled or torn plastic trash receptacle liners shall be replaced. The trash shall be deposited in the nearest outside trash collection container. Trash receptacles shall be left clean, free of foreign matter and free of odors.
  3. Remove Recycling. All recycling containers shall be emptied and returned to their initial location. Any noticeable soiled or torn recycling receptacle liners shall also be replaced. Recycling materials shall be removed from the property and properly recycled. Receptacles shall be left clean, free of foreign matter and free of odors. Cardboard boxes shall be gathered and properly recycled.
  4. Clean Interior Glass/Mirrors. Clean all interior glass, including glass in doors, partitions, walls, display cases, directory boards, etc. After glass cleaning, there shall be no traces of film, dirt, smudges, water or other foreign matter.
  5. Clean Drinking Fountains. Clean and disinfect all porcelain and polished metal surfaces, including orifices and drain, as well as exterior surfaces of fountain. Drinking fountains shall be free of streaks, stains, spots, smudges, scale and other obvious soil.
  6. Vacuum Carpets. Vacuum carpted areas. After vacuuming, the carpeted area shall be free of all visible dirt, debris, litter and other foreign matter. Any spots shall be removed by carpet manufacturer’s approved methods as soon as noticed. All tears, burns, and raveling shall be brought to the attention of the government representative. Area and throw rugs are included to receive this service.

Clean Carpets. Spot clean or shampoo dirty carpets over an area of 2 square feet or less. Spots must be removed immediately.

  1. Vacuum and Clean Floor Mats. Vacuum and clean interior and exterior floor mats. After vacuuming or cleaning, mats shall be free or all visible lint, litter, soil and other foreign matter. Soil and moisture underneath mats shall be removed, and mats returned to their normal location.
  2. General Spot Cleaning. Perform spot cleaning on a continual basis. Spot cleaning includes but is not limited to removing, or cleaning smudges, fingerprints, marks, streaks, spills, etc., from washable surfaces of all walls, partitions, vents, grillwork, doors, door guards, doorhandles, push bars, kick plates, light switches, temperature controls, and fixtures. After spot cleaning, the surfaces shall have a clean uniform appearance, free of streaks, spots, and other evidence of soils.

General Dusting. All horizontal surfaces must be dusted or cleaned to eliminate dust collection. All countertops and tabletops will be free of all visible dust, debris, litter and other foreign matter.

  1. Lights. Clean the light fixtures in the bathrooms and any light fixture covers that attract bugs and dust such that no bugs or dust is noticeable.

Restroom Cleaning

  1. Clean and Disinfect. Completely clean and disinfect all surfaces of sinks, toilet bowls, washbasins, base of toilet, urinals, lavatories, dispensers, plumbing fixtures, partitions, doors, walls and other such surfaces, using a germicidal detergent. After cleaning, receptacles will be free of deposits, dirt streaks, and odors. Disinfect all surfaces of partitions, stalls, stall doors, entry doors, (including handles, kick plates, ventilation grates, metal guards, etc.), and wall areas adjacent to wall mounted lavatories, urinals and toilets. All floor and sink drain traps should be free of debris, residue and odors. Clean and disinfect all porcelain and polished metal surfaces, including the orifices and drains.
  2. Descale Toilet Bowls and Urinals. Descaling shall be performed monthly as a minimum and as often as needed to keep areas free of build-up i.e. soap film, hard water deposits, and other build-up. After descaling surfaces shall be free from streaks, stains, scale, scum, urine deposits and rust stains.
  3. Sweep and Mop Floor. After sweeping and mopping, the entire floor surface, including grout, shall be free from litter, dirt, dust and debris. Grout on wall and floor tiles shall be free of dirt scum, mildew, residue, etc. Floors shall have a uniform appearance without streaks, swirl marks, detergent residue or any evidence of soil, stain, film or standing water. Moveable items shall be tilted or moved to sweep and damp mop underneath. Floors shall be stripped, scrubbed, waxed etc., as necessary to maintain sanitary conditions and a clean uniform appearance.
  4. Stock Restroom Supplies. Contractor shall ensure restrooms are stocked sufficiently so that supplies including soap for the soap dispensers, toilet tissues and paper towels do not run out. Supplies shall be stored in designated areas. No overstocking shall be allowed. If supplies run out prior to the next service date, Contractor shall refill within one (1) day of notification.
  5. Additional Cleaning Services. Vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping floors and stairs. Cleaning glass or front and back entry doors and wiping off fingerprints and smudges. Dusting open areas of desks and bookcases where not covered with items (Do not move items/paper, etc.). Emptying wastebaskets, replacing bag liners. Placing trash in refuse bins located in parking lot.

Periodic Cleaning Services

  1. Strip, Scrub, Seal and Wax Floors. Strip, scrub, seal and wax floors as necessary to maintain a uniform glossy appearance. A non-skid wax is required. A uniform glossy appearance is free of scuffmarks, heel marks, wax build-up, and other stains and discoloration.
  2. Clean Interior Windows. Clean glass surfaces of large picture window. After surfaces have been cleaned all traces of film dirt smudges, water and other foreign matter shall be removed from frames, casings, sills and glass.
  3. Clean Exterior Windows. After window has been cleaned, exterior frames, casings, sills and glass shall be free of all traces of film, dirt, smudges, water and other foreign matter.
  4. Clean/Shampoo Carpets. All carpets shall be cleaned in accordance with standard commercial practices. A heavy-duty spot remover may be required in heavily soiled areas. After shampooing, the carpet area will be uniform in appearance and free of stains and discoloration. All cleaning solutions shall be removed from baseboards, furniture, trash receptacles, chairs and other similar items. Chairs, trash receptacles and other items shall be moved to clean carpets underneath and returned to their original location.

Monthly Cleaning Services. Cleaning all windowsills, heat registers and ceiling vents. Cleaning windows and windowsills in foyer. Removing stains from carpet. Cleaning smudges from walls, doors and doorways. Dusting and polishing all wood cabinets and wood counter in front office.

Once Every Three Months. Dusting and cleaning all ceiling light fixtures, specifically light fixtures with covers in upstairs hallway and in women’s and men’s bathrooms and light fixtures in the basement hallway. Covers shall be removed and cleaned. Dust cleaning all hanging fixtures and pictures in the front office and hallway.


In the entrance, during inclement weather, remove water, mud or snow from entrance

doors and floors to keep clean and dry. Entrance is to be clean and dry before


  • Be responsible
  • commercial cleaning prior experience


$15 - $15.55 per hour