LivWell Behavioral Program Specialist Chandler, AZ · Full time

Program Specialists will assist with the creation and implementation of activities and programs for our clients.



Program Specialists undertake a variety of administrative and hands-on duties, including the planning, implementation, and management of new activities and programs. They will collaborate with and support the Program Supervisors and Associate Directors to run our behavioral health program for our clients. To excel in this position, you should demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and be able to manage multiple programs and tasks at a time.   


Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Facilitate Sessions: Lead Group Coaching/Counseling, Life Skills, and Expressive Art sessions. 
  • Curriculum Development: Create and tailor program content for sessions based on universal and relevant group counseling treatment needs. 
  • Enrichment Support: Assist and support the Enrichment department with any daily preparation. 
  • Daily Communication: Generate daily schedule emails. 
  • Collaboration: Work closely with Resource Specialists, Enrichment Supervisor, and AD of Clinic Programs 
  • Creating and communicating outlines that include therapeutic values.  
  • Creating a safe and inclusive space that promotes collaboration amongst clients. 
  • Creating and tracking exit slips after facilitation sessions. 
  • Regularly evaluate group progress based on LivWell Behavioral provided surveying methods. 
  • Take part in collaboration meetings to ensure projects are on schedule.  
  • Providing feedback on the success and/or failure based on expected results of each project and activity.  
  • Coordinating with other departments to ensure the highest care for clients.  
  • Providing daily debriefs at the end of each shift.  
  • Attendance of monthly one-on-one meeting with supervisor. 


  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.  
  • Demonstrates strong leadership capabilities. 
  • Patience and flexibility  
  • Knowledge of boundary-setting techniques 
  • Skilled to adapt and create a curriculum to population served. 
  • Manages group dynamics and is able to resolve conflicts. 
  • Good time management and organizational skills.  
  • Able to exhibit creativity with activities and lessons that encourage active participation for clients. 
  • Great teamwork 
  • Passion for working with children and seeing them improve. 
  • Proficient speaking and Comprehensive teaching abilities. 


Education & Experience 

  • Current or former facilitation experience leading groups either in a behavioral health or educational setting 
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Behavioral Health Science or a related field.  
  • Six (6) months of experience in a healthcare setting OR completion of a related health education certification OR completion of the first semester of courses in a major of an associate or bachelor's degree program in psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Behavioral Health Science, or related field 
  • Experience working with children preferred. 


$20 - $24 per hour