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We are currently looking for an Operations Manager to supervise day-to-day operations and lead a team of 15-20 individuals.


We are currently looking for an Operations Manager to supervise day-to-day operations and lead a team of 15-20 individuals. 

In this role, you will play a vital part in shaping and improving our company's operations. Your primary focus will be on driving efficiency across workforces, processes, and supply chains. Additionally, you will be tasked with overseeing multiple departments to guarantee the business's overall success and profitability. You will aid in goal-setting, revenue and cost assessment, strategic planning, and the management of production, logistics, and supply chain issues.

To be considered for the position, you must have a Bachelor's degree in operations management (or a related field), prior experience in a management position in online retail, have a strategic mindset and can develop overarching strategies to enhance departmental performance. This includes assisting individual employees in achieving their professional goals. 

Your role will encompass overseeing and supervising five vital functions:

Supervise Employees

As an Operations Manager, you will be responsible for supervising different teams, such as the warehouse staff, creative specialists, store associates, and customer support. It is crucial to adapt your management style to suit each team's unique needs.

Diagnosing and solving supply chain problems

Operations Managers are responsible for ensuring that the shipping and receiving processes run smoothly. This involves resolving problems concerning logistics systems, imports and exports, transportation and customer issues. Complex problem solving skills are used by Operations Managers on a daily basis.

Provide Advanced Customer Support

Operations Managers are responsible for elevated customer support for the customers who have requested to speak to managers or someone with more authority. They find solutions for the customers who feel like they have no other options.

Evaluate Employee Performance

After supervising employees, Operations Managers are responsible for evaluating their performance and delivering feedback, positive or critical, depending on the employee and the situation.

Track and Analyze Reports

In order to determine where improvements can be made in business procedures, the Operations Manager is responsible for tracking and analyzing important reports. Examples of such reports are budgets, operation activity and department metrics. The Operations Manager will use them to determine trends and variances and identify areas in which positive changes can be made.

Perform Department Administration

When they aren’t managing employees or reporting on department performance, Operations Managers are handling other administrative tasks. These can include managing inventory of shipping supplies and ordering new items as needed, planning the department budget, overseeing inventory, or even motivating employees.

Key Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Operations, or related field.
  • Direct experience as an operations supervisor or e-commerce management position.
  • Prior leadership development training or participation
  • Passion for fashion and strong knowledge of luxury brands
  • Proficient in Mac OS, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google Docs, Canva and Dropbox 
  • Proficiency in project management software, such as Asana or Monday.
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully develop others into higher levels of leadership in an organization
  • Strong working knowledge of warehouse operations and management.
  • Ability to build consensus and relationships among managers, partners, and employees.
  • Highly organized, meticulous attention to detail and very capable of multitasking
  • Punctual, sense of urgency, excellent time-management skills and able to meet deadlines


$60,000 - $70,000 per year