Lake Washington Physical Therapy - Redmond Physical Therapist Redmond, WA · Full time

Staff Physical Therapist in a functional and sports environment with a collaborative team.


Looking for a great team culture, 1:1 care and have an entrepreneurial itch?  Contact us about this rare opportunity.

Lake Washington Physical Therapy’s Redmond office is looking to add a physical therapist to its growing team.  New graduates are welcome to apply.

Lake Washington Physical Therapy promotes an active, functional approach to physical therapy utilizing hands on techniques to provide patients an environment where they can broaden the capacity of their bodies to meet their functional goals.

Our Mission:

Use physical therapy as a means to know an individual and collectively lift them to heights previously unknown.

Contact us if you value:

  1. 1:1 care with your patients for 45min each in order to provide personal treatment that helps them beyond the walls of the clinic.

  1. A collaborative environment where each team  member is focused on keeping their eyes up and looking outward for opportunities to support their fellow team members and patients.

  1. A 3-dimensional treatment environment where we recognize that each individual is unique and will require a customized approach to meet their goals.

  1. A business that provides mentorship from highly trained experts in Applied Functional Science and Manual Therapy including endorsements in spinal manipulation.

  1. Entrepreneurial minded small business that will encourage you to treat "own" your caseload and instill local business values such as connecting in the community, networking with referral sources and creating your brand.


  1. Unique compensation model that allows you to share in your success.
  2. 3% employer match retirement plan.
  3. Paid healthcare and employer contribution to your health savings account.
  4. Generous continuing education allowance.
  5. Paid time off and holiday time off.
  6. Once weekly mentorship in your first year to help you advance your clinical practice quickly.
  7. This is a family business. You have access to the owner on a daily basis to help you get questions answered quickly and learn about running/owning your own business.

For more information, visit us at:

To express interest, send your resume and cover letter to Shawn at [email protected]


$84,000 - $91,000 per year