Klyxx Creative Designer (Freelance) New York, NY · Remote · Part time

As a Klyxx Designer, you'll have the opportunity to work directly with various start-up and Fortune 500 clients to help build brands and websites, and create graphic design used across various touchpoints.


Who Are We?

Klyxx Creative is a boutique agency that does all things creative for our clients. We specialize in branding, website design, marketing design, and UI/UX design, among other services.

We’re a small team of 5 that works on full-suite design projects with clients like Logitech, Amazon, Morgan Stanley, and Coachella.

We did the whole 20+ person team thing and decided we’d rather focus on being a boutique agency that’s more focused on interesting work and less on corporate bureaucracy.

We’re still in the scrappy startup phase, so we’re looking for people who are comfortable taking ownership over their work (vs. just doing what they’re told) and having a real impact on the bottom line.

What's the Role?

  • Design and create websites and apps that both look amazing and are optimized for conversion.
  • Design ad creative for digital platforms around the web (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, etc.).
  • Assist in brand building and company presentation across all touchpoints for a client’s customers.
  • Interface with clients to implement design feedback and move assets through to completion.
  • Handle client projects from start-to-finish and provide strategic input
  • Contribute to the vision of the company - you would be joining a team with 3 other individuals and play a big role in growing the agency
  • Take an active lead in prospecting new clients - you will be expected to create pitch decks and contribute to lead calls

What Are We Looking For?

  • 2-4 years (internships included) of web/graphic design, UI/UX, and branding experience
  • Have a strong, diversified print and digital design portfolio, which demonstrates a powerful creative edge.
  • Knowledge of current design style, patterns, trends, etc.
  • Experience in conceiving ad creatives.
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate with other team members; you will be expected to ask questions as they come up or provide feedback when needed
  • Proven ability to be proactive; you will be expected to actively contribute ideas on both the client end and internal strategy.
  • Self-starter who can take ownership of independent projects without hand holding from management.
  • Driven mindset; someone who wants to help grow a company
  • Can work within a fluid creative design environment while adhering to tight timelines and fast turnaround times.

Working knowledge of or previous experience with the following programs:

  • Sketch and/or Figma
  • Adobe Suite: specifically, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Skills / Abilities:
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design experience
  • Layout or Editorial design experience

Why Might You Be Excited About Us?

1. We believe in looking for people who want work to be challenging and clearly meritocratic. As long as you perform, you will continue to receive opportunities.

2. We’re working to build a culture that’s remote-first and focused on helping you do great work. Set your own schedule and work with serious autonomy.

3. We're small, so you’ll have an opportunity to work on a diverse set of projects. We specialize in UI/UX and branding, but are industry agnostic. We love working on things that are different.

4. We don't have a ton of meetings. If we can effectively solve a problem asynchronously, we do. When we do meet synchronously, you'll always have the opportunity to contribute.

5. We'll mold your role to shape a career you're excited about. We think happy people who are satisfied with their work are better performers. We’ll help prep you for whatever you're looking for in the future. You will also be the first person we consider when full-time roles become available.

6. We work hard and also highly value balanced work/life. Work shouldn’t suck, and it shouldn’t make your life outside of it suck either. We let you work at your own pace, as long as you get your work done.


$25 - $40 per hour