Klyxx Creative Business Development Analyst New York, NY · Remote · Full time

Boutique creative agency hiring a Business Development Analyst to work directly with management to grow the company’s bottom line. The work will encompass pitching & closing clients as well as building the Klyxx brand through content.


Who Are We?

Klyxx Creative is a boutique agency that does all things creative for our clients. We specialize in branding, website design, marketing design, and UI/UX design, among other services.

We’re a small team of 5 that works on full-suite design projects with clients like Logitech, Amazon, Morgan Stanley, and Coachella.

We did the whole 20+ person team thing and decided we’d rather focus on being a boutique agency that’s more focused on interesting work and less on corporate bureaucracy.

We’re still in the scrappy startup phase, so we’re looking for people who are comfortable taking ownership over their work (vs. just doing what they’re told) and having a real impact on the bottom line.

What’s the Role?

You’ll work directly with the Founder & President on growing the company’s bottom line through a mix of sales, marketing, and partnerships.

More than a specific set of skills, we're looking for someone that:

  • Has the talent/experience/drive/work ethic to drive your own work and deliver your own results.
  • Understands that good team members do what you tell them to do; great team members tell you what they need to do. We want people who can think on their own and drive real change.

Roles and job descriptions at our stage are notably ambiguous and cover a huge portfolio of responsibilities, so we need someone who thrives in that environment.

Among the responsibilities of the role:

1. Driving the Sales Funnel: Prospecting, pitching, meeting, and closing with potential clients is going to be the bread and butter of your role. Your role is going to be focused on understanding what gets clients excited about our services and working on increasing the rate at which we close them.

You'll work on:

  • Consistently attaining monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals.
  • Preparing engaging sales presentations effectively through virtual, phone, and in-person meetings.
  • Generating and maintaining a healthy pipeline driven by outbound prospecting activities. Activities include cold calling/emailing potential customers, attending events, and social selling.

2. Experimenting with Growth: Alongside leading Klyxx’s primary sales efforts, you’ll take all the learnings from the pitching process to build and manage regular growth experiments.

You'll work on:

  • Finding new industries to pitch, and new ways of pitching or offering our services.
  • Shaping the strategy for new services and offerings that are derived from the process.

3. Building a Brand Through Content: You’ll work alongside the President & team to manage the content process to help grow the Klyxx brand through working with freelance writers, publishing team-written content, and driving awareness for the company’s services.

You'll work on:

  • Understanding how written content strategy can be leveraged across all online platforms (blog, social, newsletter, youtube, etc).
  • Inbound content marketing and utilizing content marketing as a sales channel; assist in implementing SEO best practices and site analytics analysis to optimize content.
  • Optimizing software that can monitor content marketing efforts (ie Hubspot, Clearscope, etc.

What Are We Looking For?

None of these are requirements but definitely describe the kind of people we’re looking for, as a whole, for Klyxx.

  • We’re looking for someone who we can train and quickly grow into a senior position on the sales/growth team. An overachiever whose ambitious, hard-working, and motivated by their compensation being directly connected to the output. We pay commissions generously exactly for that reason.
  • Has experience sourcing, pitching, and closing leads before. Not necessary, but it’s a plus if you’ve used CRM software like Hubspot before.
  • Worked remotely before, or know that you'd work well with a remote team.
  • Preference for ambiguity, and open-ended problems. We’re looking for someone who can think through problems critically.

Why Might You Be Excited About Us?

1. We believe in looking for people who want work to be challenging and clearly meritocratic. We put our money where our mouth is. Our whole compensation structure is built around a base salary with a massive upside on commission and profit share to reward exceptional performance (your total compensation can be upwards of $150k if goals are hit).

2. We’re working to build a culture that’s remote-first and focused on helping you do great work. Set your own schedule and work with serious autonomy.

3. We're small, so your work is going to have a direct hand on our bottom line. No busy work and you'll quickly have responsibility for big areas of our sales & marketing efforts.

4. We don't have a ton of meetings. If we can effectively solve a problem asynchronously, we do. When we do meet synchronously, you'll always have the opportunity to contribute.

5. We'll mold your role to shape a career you're excited about. We think happy people who are satisfied with their work are better performers. We’ll help prep you for whatever you're looking for in the future.

6. We work hard and also highly value balanced work/life. We care about your own personal development and don't expect you to be always engaged with work. Work shouldn’t suck, and it shouldn’t make your life outside of it suck either.


$60,000 - $150,000 per year