KlientBoost Account Manager [PPC, CRO, SEO & EMAIL] Costa Mesa, CA · Raleigh, NC · Remote · Full time

Our Account Managers are in charge of client relationships while helping educate clients to help them achieve their goals.



Did we just get your attention?!

Well shoot, we're gonna do our best to not waste your time ⚡️

We're looking for an amazing individual like you who loves growth, challenges, and having a TON of fun while working.

Did we mention that we just won #1 Best Place To Work by Glassdoor?

Say whaaa?! 👉 kboo.st/glassdoor

And what about our 3 year plan?! 👉 kboo.st/vividvision

Okay enough about us (for now), back to focusing on you...

We think this career upgrade would be perfect for you if:

🎉 You have great soft skills - fun, likable, and detail-oriented

🎉 You have at least 2 years of actual paid ads experience (agency experience is a plus 🙌)

🎉 You've managed more than 5 clients at one time with monthly marketing budgets over $10K

🎉 You like snacks

🎉 You can lead and assist with strategy and execution for multiple clients

🎉 You have experience in a handful of paid ads platforms (including but not limited to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Ads, etc)

🎉 You have experience with SEO, CRO and Email Marketing.

🎉 You're a team player who can work with a team to troubleshoot marketing tactics and strategies.

🎉 You're amazed and fascinated with marketing - you nerd out. Always trying to improve your knowledge and experience. You dive deep into industry blogs and you know that nothing beats taking action from what you learn.

Okay, you're still reading?!

Here's what you could be doing:

❤️ You'll be in charge of client relationships, making dad jokes or yo mama jokes (you choose), while helping educate clients to help them achieve their goals.

❤️ You'll be responsible for weekly reporting, scheduled calls, quarterly business reviews and clear communication with your team members.

❤️ You’ll be working with a team of strategists to produce quick and quality results for our clients by using clear communication about goals, feedback and deadlines.

❤️ You’ll analyze performance data and provide appropriate action plans based on data driven conclusions.

❤️ You're the quarterback basically, like Tom Brady.

❤️ You'll continue to grow your knowledge in all aspects of marketing through our internal academy team. People won't even recognize you 6 months from now. They'll call you "The Human Marketing Swiss Army Knife"...

Okay, that might not be what you want to be called, but you get our point.

Alright, we didn't lose you yet.

Let's keep going.

Here's what your first 3 months will look like:

⚡️ The first week will be KB onboarding; getting to know our team and culture, learning about all of the platforms we use and introducing you to team members.

⚡️ The next few weeks you’ll be going through our Academy and learning our secret marketing recipes 🤫

⚡️Month 2 and 3 you will continue to go through our Academy while slowly starting to work directly with clients.

Now here comes the FUN part (all the goodies):

🍾 A Dom Pérignon champagne drinking fountain (lol, just kidding. But low key that would be dope)

🏆 Salary Range: $65,000 to $90,000 (dependent on experience)

🏆 401K (5% match) 💰

🏆 Medical Benefits ❤️ (100% covered Health, Vision & Dental)

🏆 Life Insurance

🏆 Unlimited PTO (paradise here you come 🏝😎)

🏆 Unlimited Financial Planning Strategy Sessions (hellospring.io for you and your fam)

🏆 $100/mo Gym Membership Allowance

🏆 $1,000/year Educational Allowance

🏆 Milestone Celebrations (WE SEE YOU IBIZA)

🏆 Work From Home/Office/Hybrid Options

🏆 Food Truck Fridays

🏆 Quarterly Team Bonding/Challenges


If you haven't applied by now, then we really aren't selling this well are we?

Here's what we promise you:

🙌 We have a lot of fun.

🙌 We want to build something we're proud of and making good money is a great side effect.

🙌 We're a team that trusts each other and loves working together, we actually live our P.A.R.T.Y. values:

(P)ush - We push ourselves by continuously raising the bar.

(A)ccountability - We never point fingers, we look for solutions.

(R)esilience - We know that everything won’t be easy, so we’re prepared to take on the challenges.

(T)ransparency - We’re the most honest people you’ve ever worked with and we want the same from you.

(Y)ou - We put our people first and continuously improve to make your life better.

🙌 We're looking for an amazing person to be part of our squad so that we can join the local basketball league with 5 players, and dunk on people (we didn't do so well last season).

🙌 Sorta kidding about that last part, but we are looking for someone amazing (but seriously, if you can dunk, don't hesitate to mention that).

So if you've made it this far, then you should definitely apply right now.


$65,000 - $120,000 per year