Klarisana EMT / Psychedelic Facilitator Austin, TX · Part time

We are seeking a self-starter Medic / Psychedelic Facilitator for our patients in the Austin, TX area.


Klarisana is a progressive forward-leaning Behavioral Health company that leverages the use of psychedelics in therapeutic settings for the purpose of "Rebuilding Lives". We are looking for an EMT / Psychedelic Facilitator in our Austin, Texas location. As one of the country's largest Ketamine Therapy providers, Klarisana operates with locations in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico.

At Klarisana, we perform ketamine treatment for a variety of mental health conditions - commonly depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Our service is an adjunct therapy for these conditions. Excellent customer service skills are required. We are a team of highly-motivated emergency medical professionals and office personnel. The EMT / Psychedelic Facilitator position shift is for open clinic hours of 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Monday through Saturday (three twelves for full time staff).

Klarisana is looking for an experienced EMT to act as a Psychedelic Facilitator, creating a safe environment for patients to experience the psychedelic effects of ketamine, be vulnerable, and reach levels of relief most patients have not been able to achieve after years of unsuccessful therapies.

The primary role of the EMT/Psychedelic Facilitator is to work closely with the Clinic Staff to make the patient feel safe, comfortable and educated on their treatment and to monitor the patient's vitals and experience throughout their treatment. Teamwork is an important pillar in our clinics so that our patients feel a sense of community when stepping into one of our locations.

The EMT/Psychedelic Facilitator works with the Clinical Staff to draw up medications, administer medications and collaboratively work with the patient and Medical Provider to determine the dosing to reach the patients ideal therapeutic state.

Working with Klarisana is a unique experience, giving an EMT the opportunity to work in a space different than most medical practices. Psychedelic Medicine is fast-growing industry, so applicant must be open and willing to adjust accordingly to changes in workflow to benefit the staff and patients experience.

More than anything, this role requires empathy and compassion to meet our patients where they are in their mental health journey and be there for the patient as an ally in their care. Set and Setting is one of the most important factors in psychedelic therapies, and every Klarisana staff member works as a team to create an environment where a patient feels free to heal their wounds.

Responsibilities Include:

- Escorting patients to private patient rooms, restrooms and rides

- Checking patient vitals at requested intervals

- Offering emotional support during patient experience

- Administering medications at the direction of the Medical provider

- Sanitizing rooms and maintaining cleanliness within clinic

- Administer questionnaires to score patient success

- Preparing patient charts for Medical Provider

- Taking inventory of supplies

- Administrative tasks such as inputting and updating patient medications, allergies and any relevant info

- Gathering information for the provider on the patients experience and any updates to the patients medical chart

- Other additional tasks as assigned


Ideal Candidate:

- Teamwork Oriented

- Passionate about Mental Health

- Interest in Psychedelic Medicine

- Passionate about creating an unforgettable patient experience


$18 - $20 per hour