K-Kleaners LLC Construction Helper Columbia, SC · Part time

post construction cleans, trash/debris removal, painting, yard work, property cleanings


Construction Helper Job Description

A construction helper is expected to carry out a wide range of duties, tasks, and responsibilities. The job description below shows the major ones:

  • Assisting with plumbing, installations, laying out of tools, and performing several other construction works.
  • Ensuring that construction sites are well-managed and kept clean
  • Tidying up and preparing construction sites, while also ensuring that safety rules and regulations are strictly adhered to
  • Carrying out a variety of assigned tasks on construction sites which may include assisting construction site managers and supervisors.
  • Getting rid of the trash, debris, and other potentially dangerous materials from construction sites
  • Assisting construction project manager in the process of observing to determine what materials are being kept or removed.
  • Loading, unloading, and identifying building materials and ensuring that they are distributed to the appropriate locations
  • Servicing and operating compressors, generators, power/hand tools, and several other construction equipment.


$12 - $15 per hour