K&CL, LLC dba Nurse Next Door Home Care Services Home Health Aide/PCA -- Williamsburg Newport News, VA · Part time

We are currently seeking a compassionate, highly-skilled, and reliable personal care assistant (PCA) to serve as part of our growing home health care team. In this role, you will work with our clients in their homes, helping them with basic personal hygiene and domestic tasks as needed, according to their requirements and limitations. You will provide compassionate care and assistance and document clients' progress to help ensure their overall wellbeing.


What A Personal Care Aide Does:

Personal care aides help elders with activities, light housekeeping, and running errands so they can continue to live in their homes.

Help With In Home Acts of Daily Living (ADLs)

Personal Care Aides help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), including:

· Bathing

· Brushing hair and teeth

· Dressing

· Using the bathroom

· Meal preparation, special diets, and healthy eating

· Medication reminders

By helping their clients with personal care, proper meals, and prescription drug compliance, Personal Caregivers allow their clients to stay in their homes safely and enjoy some independence.

Light Housekeeping

Another important part of personal caregiving is maintaining a clean home. Personal Caregivers often help with light housekeeping, including:

· Vacuuming

· Sweeping

· Dusting

· Laundry

· Linen changes

Many older adults take pride in housekeeping and don’t realize when household tasks become too hard for them to perform. In some cases, Personal Caregivers can help their clients feel productive and independent by taking on the demanding tasks and leaving some chores, like folding laundry or dusting tables, for their clients. In every case, a Personal Caregiver is creating a safe, healthy environment for her clients and helping them remain in a familiar, comfortable setting.

Run Errands and Medical Appointment Transportation

Most Personal Caregivers help their clients by driving them to stores and medical appointments. These errands and appointments can include trips to the:

· Grocery Store

· Pharmacy

· Hardware Store

· Post Office

· Doctor’s Office

· Dentist’s Office

· Optometrist

Personal Caregivers help their clients keep track of food and household items. They make sure that any spoiled food is discarded and replaced with fresh, healthy options that comply with special dietary needs.

Another important role for Personal Caregivers is to bring their clients to doctors’ offices. Medical appointments can be stressful for older adults. Having a familiar companion at their side, while they are waiting, when they receive instructions and when they need to schedule their next appointment, is very valuable.

Nurse Next Door, Hampton Roads, is currently seeking highly motivated and dependable individuals to fill the role of Caregiver/Personal Care Aide. If you love caring for others and consider yourself to be reliable, please submit an application!


$12.5 - $12.5 per hour