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A Creative Director, or Director of Creative Services develops and maintains a consistent creative vision for a company’s brand and projects. Their duties include guiding a creative team, establishing budgets, timeframes and managing client relationships.


The duties of a Creative Director depend on factors like the type and size of the company they work for. Those who work for smaller companies, for instance may need to take on the duties of other roles, such as an Art Director or Lead Designer. Generally their daily tasks include:

  • Meeting with clients or executives to discuss their requirements and vision
  • Brainstorming with a creative team to develop ideas for campaigns and projects
  • Deciding on the layout for publications or product designs and choosing visuals like photographs, artwork, graphics and designs
  • Pitching concepts to clients or directors by means of innovative presentations
  • Constantly liaising with clients during a project regarding progress, issues and changes
  • Ensuring that projects are completed within time, scope and budget and in accordance with stakeholders’ expectations
  • Nurturing a work environment that is conducive to creative thinking
  • Hiring, managing and motivating a creative team 

What does a Creative Director do?

Creative Directors occupy a senior position in creative industries, including advertising, arts, fashion, music, film and publishing. They develop and lead creative projects, such as advertising and branding campaigns and provide creative direction and vision from the earliest through to the final stages of a project. Some Creative Directors lead in-house marketing teams, whereas others work for advertising agencies where they have various clients. Regardless of where they work, the job of a Creative Director involves collaborating with various creatives, including Graphic Designers, Fine Artists, Copywriters, Filmmakers, Producers and Photographers.


$80,000 - $120,000 per year