Journey Dance Competition Dance Adjudicator/Judge Metuchen, NJ · Part time

Come celebrate dance with us! Here’s what you need to know to be on your way.


Dance Adjudicator/Judge

About The Role:

Journey is seeking to hire a judging panel that is rich in knowledge and experience and able to assess dancers of all ages, levels, and genres. Judges should be able to deliver critiques in an enthusiastic fashion from the first to the last routine. Your message must be insightful and encouraging for the dancers and choreographers. Clear and concise communication, age-appropriate language, and dance terminology are required. This position is multi-faceted, as you are required to assess, critique, educate, and encourage dancers and choreographers while projecting excitement and being consistent, fair, and professional. Staying true to Journey’s mission is always a priority. Dancers and all those that are part of their journey, should feel CELEBRATED, APPRECIATED, and RESPECTED by you!

Experience as a Dance Adjudicator/Judge and a Dance Educator is required. Background in professional performance is a plus.  

Work Details: 

  • Seasonal Dance Competition 2024 Tour, March-May
  • Must be willing to travel by road or air
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must be a NJ/NY/PA resident to apply
  • Must be available from Friday AM to Sunday PM for travel. Long-distance events may require Thursday PM to Monday AM travel
  • Travel from a specified meeting point or airport will be required 
  • Minimum commitment 4 of 11 events
  • Paid training, travel, double occupancy lodging, and event meals
  • Official government ID required
  • Background check required

What Winning Looks Like:

  • Knowledge and understanding of dance competition judging and scoring
  • Ability to remain engaged, present, and attentive from the first routine through the last
  • Present special recognition awards to dancers on stage with a relatable, inspiring, and CELEBRATORY message
  • Ability to evaluate technical proficiency, including precision, execution, and dance techniques
  • Strong communication skills and knowledge of proper technical language 
  • Ability to assess overall performance, musicality, timing, and synchronization with others 
  • Ability to assess and critique artistic interpretation, evaluating creativity, expression, and emotional connection.
  • Ability to evaluate stage presence, confidence, and audience engagement 
  • Ability to make quick, informed decisions under pressure

You Create Journey Magic When You…

  • Take pride in your work and the value of your talent
  • Focus on the Journey mission and CELEBRATE every dancer
  • Are organized, a problem solver, detail-oriented and an excellent communicator 
  • Are outstanding with time management, time awareness, and record keeping
  • Work well in a team setting and can connect and interact with other panel and team members
  • Are able to remain excited, present, and attentive from the first routine through the last
  • Are committed to delivering an EXTRAORDINARY, ENRICHING, and EMPOWERING message to all dancers, teachers, and choreographers

If this journey is for you, we are excited for you to apply!

Kindly submit a resume

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$300 - $350 per day