IRONCLAD Originals, LLC Creative Producer Virginia Beach, VA · Full time

IRONCLAD is seeking an innovative and ambitious creative who can help elevate our original series, podcasts, editorial content, and social media strategies.


IRONCLAD is seeking an innovative and ambitious creative who can help elevate our original series, podcasts, editorial content, and social media strategies. The ideal candidate would be heavily involved in the creative process and the content strategies behind a growing catalog of podcasts and original film series. 

The job involves a deep knowledge of online culture, YouTube, social media platforms, the podcast industry, and digital advertising. Ultimately, the job will combine industry expertise with creative ideas (and the execution of those ideas) to elevate our current content and to develop new content. 

IRONCLAD believes that “iron sharpens iron”, and we make content for those “built for more.” We are seeking someone who is constantly thinking about how to make content more entertaining, more engaging, and more empowering.



The Creative Content Coordinator is responsible for creative producing all of IRONCLAD’s current shows/podcasts, as well as, all future shows currently in development and yet to be developed. This involves the following:  

  1. Helping to develop future series and podcasts
  2. Sitting in live podcast recordings to provide creative insights, as well as production notes that can be used to inform the creation of social media assets, show promos, and breakout content.
  3. Providing recommendations, best-practice implementation, production-quality related insights, and more
  4. Coaching, directing, and assisting hosts throughout the pre-production and production process
  5. Welcoming guests and serving as a brand representative during live interactions with them
  6. Elevating the quality of ads featured on the network
  7. Creating new segment ideas, guest lists, cross-promotional content ideas, and programming concepts. 
  8. Crafting interviews, segments, and scripted series to make them more engaging and entertaining 


The Creative Content Coordinator ensures that network quality control standards are observed in all aspects of the process. This includes: 

  1. Overseeing the quality control process for shows, and ensuring final edits meet IRONCLAD standards
  2. Ensure that all copy (show notes, rundowns, ad copy, CTAs, titles, etc.) are quality controlled and meet network standards


The Originals Development is also responsible for continuing to elevate the network’s distribution strategies to increase quality, reach, and monetization opportunities:

  1. Continually testing and improving all aspects of the distribution process and enforcing industry best practices
  2. Identifying new and emerging platforms and technologies
  3. Finding ways to hit audience milestones
  4. Overseeing and implementing media buy campaigns (on YouTube and other platforms)
  5. Creating new social media strategies to help shows grow and increase engagement.
  6. Creating adjacent editorial content based on shows. 


  • A deep knowledge of major social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • A deep knowledge of the podcast landscape and major podcast distribution channels
  • Audio/video editing skills not require, but a plus, as well as is knowledge of distribution platforms including Megaphone, Libsyn, and Anchor. 


$55,000 - $66,000 per year