IntelligentRx, Inc Entry Level Business Development Representative Shakopee, MN · Remote · Full time

We're looking for an enthusiastic and driven Business Development Representative to support our Provider education initiatives. This position will work closely with the IntelligentRx executive team. This is not a sales/ marketing position. It is merely to educate the providers on what IntelligentRx does since we provide FREE services to patients and consumers.


Basic Description

Pay: 18 / hr - 25 / hr

Pay with no experience and no degree: 18 / hr

Pay with 6 months of relevant experience: 20 / hr

Pay with more than 12 months of relevant experience: 22 / hr

Pay raise cycle: 3-6 months tenure, then annual cycle.

Education Requirements: None

Experience Needed: None

Hours: 40 / week

Benefits: Basic, as required by law. Healthcare starting 6/1/2022

Paid Time Off: 2 weeks / year


A Business Development Representative at IntelligentRx generates, investigates, and contacts leads who may be interested in our products and services. This role makes about 8 outbound calls per hour with a typical talking time of about 2 minutes per call.

Company Description

IntelligentRx’s mission is to increase access to affordable healthcare for everyone. We do this by connecting people like you to prescription discounts. When a person has a prescription discount, they are able to access a lower drug price. A typical consumer will save about 50 dollars every time they use a coupon.

A surprising number of consumers do not use the coupon which gives them the best possible price, and it’s our job to fix that and save consumers money.

Where You Fit In

IntelligentRx is primarily a sales organization. Everyone in the company is helping to connect consumers with the best discount possible. You will be trained and managed directly by the company’s founder, Thomas, and do work that he has been doing for the last two years.

Career Progression

Our company’s revenue has been growing at a rate of approximately 10% month over month for the last year, which means we double in size roughly every 6 months. Our biggest challenge right now is hiring and managing enough employees. If you do a good job and are interested in moving into a role as a team lead, you’ll be considered for the role. If you decide you would prefer to stay in your current role, we have the ability to track revenue gained from your efforts and ensure you are appropriately compensated for your success.

Sales vs. Other Careers

Sales is a great career:

  • Work where the money is: if a business doesn’t have sales they will go bankrupt, so you have a lot of leverage with the company you work for to increase your pay over time.
  • Be rewarded for your hard work: sales is often a numbers game; if you do more work you’ll get more sales. With many jobs offering commission, you can be rewarded for working harder.
  • Easy to leave: if you decide you don’t like sales, that’s okay. The people oriented skills you picked up in this job will help you the rest of your career.

Extended Role Description

  • Executes all job duties in alignment with IntelligentRx’s core values, mission, and purpose
  • Acts ethically, with integrity and complies legal standards to deliver an environment that promotes respect, innovation, and creativity
  • Encourages and fosters an inclusive environment. An environment where the strengths and expertise of our workforce are welcomed, amplified and exhibited in the work at IntelligentRx
  • Researches, develops and qualifies new opportunities with customers that impact IntelligentRx’s usage
  • Outbound prospecting via telephone calling and email
  • Hit assigned Key Performance Metrics (KPIs)
  • Uncovers users and providers challenges and identify relevant new business opportunities, while highlighting the IntelligentRx value proposition
  • Keeps a consistently accurate and up to date business pipeline leveraging detailed notes for every/any prospect interaction
  • Conduct high-level conversations with senior executives
  • Develops an in-depth understanding of IntelligentRx, industry trends, and competition
  • Works effectively with internal departments to deliver the best solution for the client and ensure an excellent experience
  • Perform other duties as assigned (to be less than 10% of your responsibilities)


$18 - $25 per hour