Institute for Medicaid Innovation Operations/Executive Manager Washington, DC · Remote · Full time

The operations manager at IMI will have responsibilities include providing comprehensive support, managing the organization’s operating procedures, a resource for senior and junior staff, as well as handling day-to-day business needs. This position requires the ability to think critically, problem solve, and operate with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • support the mission, vision, and priorities of IMI; • organize, manage, and support the logistical needs for in-person and virtual meetings and facilitate post-meeting follow-up; • write and distribute emails, correspondence memos, letters, and forms; • assist with HR onboarding and offboarding; • manage all board meeting and board committee logistics; • create, update, and maintain all office policies and procedures; • make routine, low-cost purchases with supervisor approval; • manage invoices and develop expense reports for submission for reimbursement; • provide light administrative support to the executive director including making travel arrangements and creating itinerary information in advance of departure and coordinating scheduling for meetings with multiple individuals/organizations; • schedule monthly team and biweekly senior leadership meetings including helping to draft agendas, reserving meeting space, distributing supporting documents, and tracking action items as needed; • manage staff IT requests and triage for support; 2 • provide support for HR items such as updating position descriptions, uploading opportunities to job sites, collect signatures on required annual documents; • develop a tracking system for routine collection of staff login passwords for software licenses, completion of human subjects training, distribution of office fobs and keys, and staff, board, and committee headshots and bios. • assist in the selection of vendors for the purchase of equipment, services, and supplies necessary for operations; • organize and monitor grants and contract management activities including assisting the team with requests for proposals, annual reports, invoicing, expense tracking, and funder requests; • manage file and information systems inventory for operations including tracking hardware, software and licensures; • manage all aspects of IMI’s office services including following rules associated with the entering and use of office space, policies and procedures for improved workflow, and anticipate future needs as the organization grows; • other projects/duties as assigned for the overall benefit of the organization’s mission;


$55,000 - $65,000 per year