Insight Carolinas PLLC Licensed Therapist Charlotte, NC · Full time

Insight Carolinas, a mental health practice, located in Charlotte, NC has an immediate opening for a full-time, part-time, or contract Licesed Therapist (LP, LPC, LMHC, LMFT, LPA, LCSW, LCAS), to join our growing team. The position can be fully in-office or hybrid. We are open to various therapeutic orientations. Our providers can see children, teens, and/or adults as they prefer.


​Job Description 

Insight Carolinas, a mental health practice,​ located in Charlotte, NC has an immediate opening for a full-time, part-time, or contract Licensed Therapist (LP, LPC, LMHC, LMFT, LPA, LCSW, LCAS), to join our growing team. The position can be fully in-office or hybrid. We are open to various therapeutic orientations. Our providers can see children, teens, and/or adults as they prefer. You can provide individual, family, couples, or group therapy as desired.  

Full-time salary starts at $72,500+ for master's level clinicians and $115,000+ for doctoral level clinicians with bonus opportunities available. Full-time staff qualify for 401k, paid vacation, and insurance coverage. 

You will play a key role in expanding our reach to help even more individuals and families across the Carolinas. We are based in Charlotte but plan to expand to other parts of North Carolina soon. Since 2022 we have specialized in psychological testing, but through that testing we have realized a need for therapy services for individuals wanting to pay using their private insurance and/or Medicaid. Our mission is to help bridge the service gap in the Carolinas. We know that exclusive private pay often leaves clients without services or having to terminate services early due to finances. If you also have a heart for providing access to services to people who would otherwise not have access, we invite you to apply.  

We know some clinicians have been “burned” with insurance. Solo practitioners often don’t have the time it takes to verify benefits or follow up on claims. Our billing and administrative team take the stress out of insurance billing so you can focus on providing care. We verify benefits, buffer for insurance denials and no shows, negotiate for higher rates and better coverage, and process billing so you can focus on therapy confident that your salary is not impacted by issues (e.g. the recent Change Healthcare problems). You can also engage in self-care with our paid vacation benefits. 

This is a unique opportunity to join an incredible team that currently consists of three licensed psychologists, a PLP, an LPA, three psychometrists, a doctoral-level practicum student, and several administrative support staff. We treat our employees well and value their input as essential members of the team. 

What We Do: 

Being a part of our amazing team means you get to do what you love and then leave the rest to us. Let our staff handle: 

  • The entire intake process through to scheduling (phone calls, consent forms, etc.) 
  • Insurance verification and billing 
  • Process payment 
  • Covering overhead expenses to include office space and supplies 
  • Provide a source of referrals from our testing clients 
  • Offer opportunities for added income with virtual intake appointments (this can also supplement your therapy load as you are building clients to ensure full-time status) 
  • Allow you to bring existing clients if desired as well as to keep your clients if you leave 
  • Give you reliable salary paid bi-weekly 
  • Offer Safe-Harbor matched 401k 
  • Paid vacation time 
  • Pay for liability insurance 
  • Handle all credentialing with insurance/Medicaid 
  • Quarterly team social events 
  • Offer opportunities for consultation/supervision as needed 
  • Foster your growth and help you meet your career goals 

What You Will Do: 

  • Provide therapy services and document sessions 
  • Enjoy doing what you love: helping clients live their best lives. 
  • Enjoy the benefits that go along with being a salaried member of our team (see below). 

What You Will Bring: 

  • Must be licensed to provide mental health services in North Carolina. 
  • Therapy experience 
  • Knowledge of mental health diagnosis 
  • Attention to detail and demonstrated strengths in maintaining schedules, managing priorities, and meeting deadlines. 
  • Collaborative nature and the ability to work independently. 

Why You’ll Love Insight: 

We offer a competitive salary plus additional benefits including: 

  • Salaried staff members are eligible for two weeks paid vacation per year 
  • ​Safe Harbor 401(k), with dollar-for-dollar employer match for the first 3% of employee contribution and 50% match for 4th and 5th percent.  
  • Hybrid Schedule (therapy sessions could be conducted remotely or in office) 
  • ​Coordinate with our office on your preferred schedule  
  • Collegial work environment 
  •  Bonuses are available. 
  • As the team grows, it is our hope to eventually offer medical benefits and professional development opportunities. 

​Who We Are: 

Dr. Ashli Kurian and Dr. Kevin Kurian founded Insight Carolinas in 2022 to improve equity and accessibility of mental health care, specifically quality and timely psychological assessment across the lifespan, for individuals and families across the Carolinas. 

While there are needs for mental health services in general, there are particularly large service gaps for assessment services, particularly for people wishing to use their private insurance or Medicaid benefits for payment. We find it unacceptable that many in North Carolina are left waiting many months or even years for diagnoses to access much-needed treatments. However, in providing assessments, we realized there is also a great need for qualified, quality therapists to provide treatment services for those wanting to use their insurance or Medicaid benefits. That is where we are looking to expand. 

Our providers have years of experience assessing a broad range of mental health concerns from developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, to mood disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder), to trauma, to behavioral concerns, to executive functioning concerns such as ADHD, thought disorders (e.g. schizophrenia spectrum), and personality disorders. We are looking for therapy providers to address these concerns; specializing is also an option.  

In 2023, Insight Carolinas provided services to over 400 unique clients! In the first quarter of 2024, we have already provided services to over 250 unique clients. 2024 is already shaping up to be even more impactful than 2023! 

We are fulfilling our mission to bridge the service gap! However, there is still great need. 

Through the course of their careers, the Insight team has combined conducted over 4,000 assessments for children as young as 18 months to older adults (aged 70+). Dr. Ashli Kurian holds additional certification from IBCCES as a Certified Autism Specialist. Dr. Kevin Kurian specializes in substance abuse, severe mental illness, and trauma. Dr. Kathryn Miller also holds a BCBA and specializes in autism assessment. Dr. Catherine Andersen specializes in substance abuse and trauma. Other team members are also simultaneously continuing their education to gain more skills. Each member of our team from our psychometrists who assist in testing, to our intake team, to our office manager have been carefully selected for their professionalism and passion for our joint mission of expanding access to quality, timely assessment services.  

At Insight Carolinas our services are not limited to clinical diagnoses, we also offer admissions testing to help elite schools identify top candidates, and career testing to put individuals on a trajectory of success. Effective immediately, we are looking to expand to therapy services. 

Insight Carolinas is an equal opportunity employer. We bring unique talents together to build something special. If you would like to become part of our team, please send your resume to [email protected]. If you are a good fit, a team member will contact you with more information.