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Engineers at Industrial Resolution require a blend of superb problem-solving, innovation, and people skills to resolve a wide variety of technical production challenges. They are at the heart of our value to our clients. Our engineers’ attention is prized by our clients, who work directly with them and trust them with mission critical challenges and opportunities.


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Senior Software / Elastic Engineer II  

Reports to: Technical Team Lead

Compensation & Benefits

  • Compensation Range for Role
  • $88,000 - $112,000 annual salary dependent upon experience
  • Benefits and Culture
  • Competitive Salary for role and geographic location
  • 100% paid full health insurance coverage for employee and dependents
  • Participation in company profit sharing plan
  • Simple IRA with 2% match regardless of employee contribution
  • 12 paid vacation days off per year, increasing to 15 days after 3 years of service 
  • 8 flex days off per year
  • Paid company holidays and birthday 
  • Flexible hours
  • Remote position
  • Ability to come into office once a month is preferred.
  • Ability to travel to company events several times a year required

Primary Responsibilities 

As Senior Software / Elastic Engineer II  at Industrial Resolution, your responsibilities would include:

  • Client Satisfaction Responsibilities
  • Establishing and documenting acceptance criteria in collaboration with client
  • Verifying work meets acceptance criteria
  • Managing client priorities and expectations
  • Ensuring deliverables meet the client's expected value

  • Project Technical Excellence Responsibilities
  • Project Technical Content
  • Project Documentation Accuracy and Completeness

  • Project Planning Responsibilities
  • Take the lead on directing and implementing solutions to moderately complex, loosely scoped problems that are aligned with your team’s goals
  • Conduct regular revision of project plans and remaining estimates

  • Project Management Responsibilities
  • Manages client efforts to remove blockers to progress
  • Estimate your own time and effort on tasks, update remaining estimates routinely, and actively keep your team aware of your progress
  • Communicate regularly with a variety of project stakeholders, internal and external to the team

  • Engineering and Consulting Work Responsibilities
  • Accurate, daily work logging
  • Providing Work-In-Progress status updates
  • Regularly deliver your work to end users
  • Continued responsibility for delivered work (e.g. support your code, solutions, etc. after release)

  • Team Leadership Responsibilities
  • Tailor team operational and accountability procedures and ensure their effective use among your team
  • Lead and/or participate in various internal meetings: regular standup, pre and post mortems, weekly project planning & routine retrospective meetings
  • Onboarding new team members to complete their assigned work independently
  • Advocate for team in upper management discussions
  • Requesting appropriate training for team members and ensuring use of allocated training resources

More experienced engineers may also have the following additional responsibilities:

  • Interfacing with our clients, gathering their needs, and managing their expectations
  • Architecting, estimating, and planning technical solutions to problems
  • Mentoring other engineers and our clients’ engineers

Desired Skills and Experience

(Note: you should be able to provide a public Github profile showcasing examples of your work wherever possible)

Check all that apply:

  • Experience in using Atlassian: Jira / Tempo / Confluence
  • Is self-sufficient in designing core architecture, data models, and integrations standard to Elastic or other “big data” use cases
  • Test driven development chops
  • Demonstrable experience with systems thinking in large and complex environments
  • Experience with programming or interacting with large scale Enterprise environments
  • System level solutions architecture; you will be designing ingestion over distributed systems*
  • Linux server management and configuration
  • Terraform & Ansible
  • Kubernetes* or other DevOps orchestration platforms
  • Elasticsearch* or ELK stack (If you have an Elastic Certified Engineer cert, well, you win! A sign on bonus and/or reimbursement for education and exam costs are  available for any candidate earning Elastic Certified Engineer prior to beginning employment)
  • Elastic Common Schema
  • Elastic experience with ingestion and pipelines*
  • Ability to work with config files
  • General industry awareness of security based software tooling and an understanding of a customers common usage of it
  • AWS: EC2, Lambda, DynamoDB
  • Software Engineering experience with: 
  • C#
  • C++
  • Python
  • GraphQL 
  • TypeScript
  • Apollo / Relay / Redux
  • Node.js
  • React
  • React Native
  • Data Visualization/Dashboarding*
  • AWS/Azure/GCP* (Experience with at least one is strongly preferred. Provide an explanation of experience below.)
  • APM - AppDynamics (AppD), Dynatrace*
  • Security and Logging
  • Splunk Experience*
  • Metrics or Synthetics with DataDog
  • Message Queueing  with Kafka
  • Monitoring - OpenTelemetry (OTel)
  • Demonstrable leadership and mentoring experience on software development teams of similar size to ours.

* (Items with an asterisk should be described briefly below)

Additional Skills Desired for potential Public Sector service work:

Check all that apply:

  • Experience with operating within or adjacent to Government sector
  • Federal
  • State
  • Local and/or Education
  • Subcontractor
  • Experience and comfort within operating within a regulated environment with various regards to compliance, security, and data handling requirements often pegged to public sector work
  • You are a U.S. Citizen, and are working on U.S. soil. 
  • Government security clearances.  If yes, what level?  ________________________
  • Experience with working within Windows environments

Instructions for Application: 

  1. Email [email protected] and [email protected] to introduce yourself. 
  2. Provide your current resume. Highlight any experiences relevant to the skills sought above.
  3. Briefly (in 10 sentences or less) describe why this position is of interest to you and why you believe you’re a good fit for it. (The interview process will allow for much more unpacking of detail.)
  4. Accepted applicants will be contacted within 5 days to be informed if they advance to the interview process or turned down- it’s a three part interview and we like to move fast. We are targeting July for fulfillment of this position. 
  5. Leadership team interview first. 
  6. Technical interview second. 
  7. Culture and compensation interview third. 
  8. Go through said process. 
  9. Get approved or denied.
  10. Start date established.
  11. Get ready for orientation.

Exhibit A - Company Description

Industrial Resolution is a custom software development company that partners with innovative organizations who want to accelerate their business through technology. Our software, our teams, and our solutions are known for being daring, accurate, professional, and innovative. In recent years, our focus has been increasingly centered around becoming the distinguished premier service partner to in the United States.

Our primary service areas:

  • We are a highly reputable partner to Elastic and deliver services to their customers in a variety of engagements.
  • We build integrations for Elastic’s internal integrations teams.
  • We deliver Elastic Services to their customers as a white labeled partner, working for both US commercial and US public sector Elastic Services teams.
  • We resell Elastic products and services, providing architectural guidance and Elastic sizing services to clients purchasing Elastic for their solutions.
  • We work directly with customers of our own to provide Elastic services and correlating software development services necessary to ensure a clients goals are met.
  • We provide support ticket based services to our customers and the users of our Elastic integrations.
  • We architect and develop custom software to specification, often producing the specifications as well.
  • We provide Discovery and other consultation services.
  • We ensure the integration of all applications into other critical hardware and software components.
  • We enable data analytics, including business intelligence, web/application search, and application performance monitoring.
  • We provide retainer based project and team augmentation and ongoing support for customers who have a strong technical resource but can’t or don’t want to hire additional in-house staff.

What makes us unique is our peoples unparalleled commitment to delivering client success through quality tech solutions, excellent communication, and authentic care for a valuable outcome.

Exhibit B: Position Vibe Check

Position Summary for Senior Software / Elastic Engineer II

Engineers at Industrial Resolution require a blend of superb problem-solving, innovation, and people skills to resolve a wide variety of technical production challenges. They are at the heart of our value to our clients. Our engineers’ attention is prized by our clients, who work directly with them and trust them with mission critical challenges and opportunities.

The Senior Software / Elastic Engineer II  is a boots-on-the-ground project leadership position.

People with this designation have experience in the service solutions field and take pride in being responsible for delivering true value to our customers through the technology solutions they create. They may operate as various production team role levels depending on assignment load; as a DTL (Development Team Lead), a Solutions Architect, an Elastic Certified Consultant, a Support Staff member, or may simply operate as a Code Contributor.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Good communication skills. Everyone here will support you, but no one will speak for you. Well-developed verbal, listening, and written communications skills are vital.
  • Experience and comfort with handling conflict (or when necessary, creating it!). It’s not fun to deliver difficult news, but it is a vital skill in software development success. It may be brought to you, or you may need to bring it to someone. How you behave in those situations should do more than anything else to build trust with your clients and colleagues.
  • Curiosity. Asking excellent questions to better understand our clients is one of our reputational points of pride. Clients continually cite our genuine interest in their issues as why they love working with us. 
  • Poise. You must have the calm and the courage to accept unusual challenges with various levels of unknown information clouding the path forward. You know how to assess such scenarios and to create an executable path toward a suitable solution.
  • Humility. Self awareness of one’s own shortcomings, integrity to reveal mistakes and identify failures, and the willingness to ask for help from your colleagues.
  • Resourcefulness. There is no limit to how valuable this trait will be for you at Indy Res. Don’t underestimate how much your manager can assist you in triaging a problem!
  • Technical Approachability. Ability to write mature software tests, code, and documentation that others easily understand and the willingness to help others learn to meet standards you hold yourself to.
  • Passion. Passion is infectious and essential for encouraging learning and self betterment. It provides the motivation for those around you to pursue their own improvements as well as a safe space for healthy critique and stretch goal setting.
  • Finishing Skills. Exceptional planning, effective organizing and prioritizing, and consistent habits which bring focus back to finishing the goal at hand.

Project leadership skills to expect to use operating in this position - as a Senior Software / Elastic Engineer II  you will be responsible for leading projects consistently toward delivery in the most effective way your team can perform. This will include supporting and instructing team members on how to execute on complex software initiatives as defined and working together to overcome the obstacles encountered along the way. To lead a project team, you must maintain the trust and respect of your coworkers by employing the following traits and skills:

  • Lead by example - Very simply, practice what you preach within your sphere of influence. Show others how to take responsibility for a story or component. Show them how to tackle difficult problems with layers of unknown complexity. Show them how to identify and own failures. And most importantly, how to investigate the root causes and apply learning from them.
  • Inclusive problem solving -  Encourage team members to create plans which achieve your project's goals and vet them. When complex scenarios emerge, encourage healthy debate and facilitate the decision making process as a team.
  • Profitable baselines - You will understand how to scope a solution to its fiscal and time based constraints, and once underway, be able to maintain consistent accountability behaviors for yourself and your team across projects to ensure profitability of your efforts.
  • Optimize the work environment - Analyzing existing team procedures and developing preventative maintenance strategies.
  • Quality monitoring - Assess what the highest use of you and your team’s time might be. You will understand what success and failure look like in terms of “on time, on budget” and you measure and share your progress. You’ll know when you need to go over budget to ensure quality code is written and completed to the end-users’ expectations through coordinated triage and problem solving as mentioned above..
  • Project awareness - You can identify potential problems and notify the relevant stakeholders in a timely manner. You know how to help the clients, the project team, and other stakeholders avoid surprises.


$85,000 - $112,000 per year