iKids Inc. Administrative Assistant/Site Coordinator Houston, TX · Full time Company website

Reporting to the C Suite. The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for administrative support to the company as it relates to program organization. The Administrative Assistant will assist in the implementation of daily functions related to iKids Inc. and assist with connecting the overall program operations of the company with leadership, staff, and schools.



·        Responsible for daily office functions (phone, emails, scheduling, registrations, rosters, etc.)

·        Oversee and maintain office organization (front, workroom, kitchen, conference, inventory/orders, stocking paper/supplies, etc.)

·        Responsible for office opening and closing.

·        Greet and welcome visitors with a smile.

·        Set-up office flow processes for overall organization and efficiency.

·        Assist in coordinating program functions between staff, supervisors, schools, and parents.

·        Coordinate with Site Coordinators and Instructors for the following: program supply needs, information regarding students, general class updates, etc.

·        Prepare, procure, and deliver program supplies and materials as needed.

·        Assist with the organization of materials for classes, camps and special events.

·        Assist with preparation and implementation of staff meetings, training, etc. Set-up materials, clean-up, food orders, etc.

·        Assist with miscellaneous company needs (i.e. errands, data entry - timesheets, orders, special tasks, etc.)

·        Assist with projects as needed (i.e. office P&P, copy write, material organization – franchise/HR/daily documents, etc.)

·        Assist with marketing the iKids program as needed: materials, registration drives, community events, school open houses, etc.

·        Assist and encourage company mission and growth objectives.

·        Responsible for substituting as needed (Knowledgeable of SC and Instructor Policies & Procedures)

·        Maintain a positive attitude, utilize customer service, exhibit professionalism, practice teamwork, and exemplify a strong work ethic.

·        Handling questions, issues and providing detailed information on requirements, processes, and policies.

Curriculum Assist:

·        Assist with packing for enrichments, stay & play, EDD, and Center Days on an as needed basis. The extra help is typically needed for EDD and CDs. 

·        Assist with unpacking and organization of curriculum materials for anything the curriculum team did not finish (this is something that can be done if in office until 6pm- should have time for clean-up of returned materials and straightening up the office after everyone leaves any time after 3pm).

·        Center Days: Assist the curriculum team to clean-up/return materials the day after. (Typically the Center Room, bookcases, etc. can stay a mess until the next Center Day and we would like the office put back together the next day).


·        Assist in running materials to schools (if something was left behind or someone called out) if no one else in the office is available to take it because it may leave the phones unanswered.


Human Resources Assist:

·        Coordinate with Marketing to make Training Certificates (for HR) and fill out to place in staff files.

·        Make New Training folders (for HR).

·        Make copies of Employee Docs (for HR).

·        Help HR double check staff files (as needed).

Office Keeping Duties:

·        Check water (If too much or too little and let Janet know to contact Ozarka).

·        Check Shredder (call Iron Mountain as needed) for pick up.

·        Other duties as assigned.


$18 - $24 per hour