IHC Investments Inc Copywriter - Cannabis and Hemp Portland, OR · Full time

We are seeking an experienced Copywriter who has expertise in cannabis and hemp science, business, and culture. They will provide copy for blog posts, emails, and other company communications. Must be able to accurately write about information relating to this industry without errors.



  • Not required but huge bonus if you have written conversion or SEO optimized copy (will need to send examples)
  • Proficiency in cannabis and hemp science, business dynamics, and cultural trends.
  • Proven experience in technical and analytical writing for the cannabis and hemp industry.
  • Demonstrated ability to create brand copy, packaging content, website/product listings, and long-form articles.
  • Familiarity with SEO and conversion optimization techniques.
  • Excellent research skills to gather insights and data for content creation.
  • Strong attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Effective communication skills to collaborate with team members and incorporate feedback.


  • Please provide links or samples of previous cannabis and hemp-related content you have written that is technical and not opinion based.
  • Highlight any previous work for notable clients or publications within the industry.
  • * Submit those samples at this link https://form.jotform.com/232256497467165 *


  • Develop engaging and informative brand copy that resonates with our target audience, reflecting a deep understanding of cannabis and hemp science, business trends, and cultural nuances.
  • Create compelling copy that communicates product benefits and aligns with regulatory requirements.
  • Craft clear and persuasive website and product listing copy that informs and converts visitors into customers.
  • Produce long-form content such as blogs, articles, and educational pieces that delve into complex topics within the cannabis and hemp industry.
  • Employ SEO and conversion optimization strategies to enhance content visibility and drive engagement.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand product features, benefits, and differentiators and effectively translate them into captivating content.


$19 - $25 per hour