Idyll Hound Proper Line Cook Inlet Beach, FL · Full time

Gastropub Fare with an International Twist


Idyll Hound Proper

Great Food. Better Beer. Proper People.

Opening Late August at 30 Avenue

Responsibilities & Job Description:

·       Promote, work, and act in a manner consistent with the mission of No reservations Restaurant Group

·       Inspect and clean, and maintain food preparation areas, such as equipment and work surfaces, or serving areas to ensure safe and sanitary food-handling practices.

·       Ensure food is stored and cooked at correct temperature by regulating temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, fryers, roasters, and other kitchen equipment.

·       Ensure freshness of food and ingredients by checking for quality, keeping track of old and new items, and rotating stock.

·       Knows and complies consistently with the restaurant’s standard portion sizes, cooking methods, quality standards and kitchen rules, policies and procedures.

·       Responsible for the quality of products served.

·       Stocks and maintains sufficient levels of food products at line stations to support a smooth service period.

·       Handles, stores, and rotates all food products and supplies according to restaurant policies and procedures.

·       Turn or stir foods to ensure even cooking.

·       Season and cook food according to recipes or personal judgment and experience.

·       Bake, roast, broil, and steam meats, fish, vegetables, and other foods.

·       Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment.

·       Portion, arrange, and garnish food, according to standard portion sizes and recipe specifications and serve food to servers or guests.

·       Observe and test foods to determine if they have been cooked sufficiently, using methods such as tasting, smelling, or piercing them with utensils.

·       Follow proper plate presentation and garnish set up for all dishes.

·       Wash, peel, cut, and seed fruits and vegetables to prepare them for consumption.

·       Carve and trim meats such as beef, veal, ham, pork, and lamb for hot or cold service, or for sandwiches.

·       Assists in food prep assignments during off-peak periods as needed.

·       Substitute for or assist other cooks during emergencies or rush periods.

·       Closes the kitchen following the closing checklist for kitchen stations and assists others in closing the kitchen.

·       Attend all scheduled employee meetings and offers suggestions for improvement.

·       Coordinate with and assist fellow employees to meet guests’ needs and support the operation of the restaurant.

·       Fill-in for fellow employees where needed to ensure guest service standards and efficient operations.


$18 - $20 per hour