Idyll Hound Proper General Manager Inlet Beach, FL · Full time

Needed: A forward-thinking leader to join our growing company


Idyll Hound Proper (part of No Reservations Restaurant Group) is taking the town by storm- Great Food, Better Beer, Proper People.


No Reservations is not just a restaurant group, it’s the realization of unique experiences and locales combined with great fare and hospitality. At No Reservations we believe in jumping in with both feet, blazing a trail and thinking outside the box. Our concepts speak to our love of food, drink and the next amazing venue.


To provide unique spaces and incredible experiences through exquisite culinary and beverage destinations. We’re a people first organization where exceptional service is at the core of what we do.


An exceptional meal and accompanying experience can be a life changing event. We aim to spread our love of hospitality into a unique and unforgettable occasion.



We’re big believers in family, and great families are integral to a steadfast and thriving community. We’re dedicated to providing positive and impactful purpose in the communities we operate in.


When you’re with us you’re family. We treat everyone in a warm and genuine manner consistent with the golden rule.


We strive to use our best judgment, operate selflessly, and treat our customers and vendors alike with respect and honesty.


We challenge the status quo, think creatively and provide unique and unforgettable experiences.


We’re passionate about our craft, and close is never good enough. Our dedication to perfection can be seen in everything that we do.


Work Hours and Benefits:

  • Average 50 hour work week (5- 10 hour days), as business dictates
  • Competitive pay structure including bonuses
  • An extensive and well-rounded training program
  • Career Growth Plan; as we grow, you grow
  • Continued career development and growth opportunities
  • Discount dining
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • PTO

Qualifications and Skills

  • Strong knowledge of front and back of house operations including food, beverages, staff supervision, inventory, and food safety
  • Strong understanding of cost and labor systems that lead to restaurant profitability
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Comfort working with budgets, payroll, revenue, and forecasting
  • Ability to lead big groups of people
  • Minimum 3 years of experience as a full-service restaurant GM

Job Summary:

The General Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the restaurant's operations, including planning, organizing, training, and leadership necessary to achieve stated objectives in sales, costs, employee retention, guest service and satisfaction, food quality, cleanliness and sanitation.

Activities & Responsibilities:

  • Promote, work, and act in a manner consistent with the mission of No Reservations Restaurant Group.
  • Ensure that all restaurant policies, procedures, standards, specifications, guidelines, and training programs are followed and completed on a timely basis.
  • Monitor and maintain compliance with health and fire regulations regarding food preparation and serving, and building maintenance.
  • Achieve company objectives in sales, service, quality, appearance of facility and sanitation and cleanliness through training of employees and creating a positive, productive working environment.
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state, county and municipal regulations that pertain to health, safety and labor requirements of the restaurant, employees, and guests.
  • Monitor food preparation methods, portion sizes, and presentation of food to ensure it is prepared and presented in an acceptable manner.
  • Control cash and other receipts by adhering to cash handling and reconciliation procedures in accordance with restaurant policies and procedures.
  • Investigate and resolve complaints regarding food quality, service, or accommodations.
  • Maintain inventory and supplies, and ensure deliveries are performed in accordance with the restaurant’s receiving policies and procedures.
  • Review financial statements, sales reports, or other performance data to measure productivity or goal achievement or to identify areas needing cost reduction or program improvement.
  • Schedule staff hours, assign duties, and establish standards for personnel performance and customer service.
  • Continually strive to develop staff in all areas of managerial and professional development.
  • Coordinate with and assist fellow employees to meet guests’ needs and support the operation of the restaurant.
  • Order and purchase equipment and supplies.
  • Review work procedures and operational problems to determine ways to improve service, performance, or safety.
  • Assess staffing needs and recruit staff.
  • Arrange for equipment maintenance and repairs, and coordinate a variety of services, such as waste removal and pest control.
  • Record the number, type, and cost of items sold to determine which items may be unpopular or less profitable.
  • Attend all scheduled employee meetings and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Administer prompt, fair and consistent corrective action for any and all violations of company policies, rules and procedures.


  • Monitor employee and guest activities to ensure liquor regulations are obeyed.
  • Schedule use of facilities or catering services for events such as banquets or receptions, and negotiate details of arrangements with clients.
  • Develop, plan, and implement restaurant marketing, advertising and promotional activities and campaigns.
  • Create specialty dishes and develop recipes to be used in dining facilities.
  • Establish and enforce nutritional standards for dining establishments, based on accepted industry standards.
  • Take dining reservations.

Tools & Technology:

  • Point-of-sale (POS) systems: Utilize modern POS systems and software to improve accuracy and efficiency in managing transactions and inventory.
  • Mobile devices: Use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to access real-time data and streamline communication with employees and customers.
  • Accounting and Financial software: Utilize accounting and financial software to track expenses and revenues, create financial reports, and manage payroll.
  • Inventory management software: Use inventory management software to track stock levels, generate purchase orders, and ensure the availability of ingredients and supplies.
  • Scheduling software: Utilize scheduling software to manage employee schedules, monitor attendance, and forecast labor requirements.
  • Communication tools: Use communication tools such as email, messaging apps, and video conferencing to communicate with employees and customers.
  • Productivity software: Use productivity software such as office suites, word processing, and spreadsheet applications to manage documents, reports, and data.


$75,000 - $90,000 per year