HOWARD WORLD ENTERPRISES LLC Staff Supervisor - Childcare/Preschool (W/ Training, Perks, Benefits) Greenville, NC · Full time

The Early Childhood Staff Supervisor is responsible for setting the tone for the facility, managing the curriculum, overseeing physical facilities, and managing the overall image of the center. They sometimes also ensure compliance with all local and federal laws governing childcare, both in regard to the physical environment and the staff, and manage the financial affairs of the childcare facility, in the absence of the Early Childhood Site Administrator.


  • Maintain annual training requirements to fulfill DCDEE, NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation) and SUNSHINE SCHOOLS In-Service continuing education hours. 
  • Responsible for closing the school. 
  • Supervises opening and closing employees.
  • Has administrative management responsibilities as indicated by Site Administrator.
  • The Staff Supervisor is directly responsible to the Site Administrator and assists in any capacity whenever the need is presented, including opening and/or closing the school.
  • Assumes responsibility to supervise operation of the school when the Site Administrator is absent.
  • Control payroll by making sure to save employees work time efficient. 
  • Conducts tours of the school and enrolls children.
  • Occasional uses of CRM and Brightwheel in an efficient manner. Including adding all of our families to CRM as needed. 
  • Be responsible to check the Sunshine School Van and sign forms as a second supervisor if not driving
  • Coordinates with the Site Administrator on ordering and purchasing of supplies and equipment.
  • Presents a professional appearance and example to staff.
  • Performs assigned jobs with few errors and minimal supervision. 
  • There are minimal reasonable complaints from staff and parents.
  • All records and reports assigned are kept accurately and submitted to the proper persons and places on time. 
  • Adheres to all company policies.
  • Assists in coordinating program implementation. Helps gather information (read files, assess children, keep records), makes plans (oversee written lesson plans, advises teachers), implements plans, helps evaluate program.
  • Prints weekly lesson plans and updates the bulletin boards. 
  • Helps ensure that all rules and regulations of Sunshine Schools and all regulatory agencies are observed.
  • Acts as a substitute teacher or teacher when necessary and helps coordinate substitute teachers when needed.
  • Assist teachers to take children to the bathroom and playground as needed. 
  • Offers every child physical affection, verbal praise, and acceptance. 
  • Implements training for the new employees.
  • Plans and implements with the director necessary “in-service training” for all staff members.
  • Works with teachers, as required, on improving their teaching skills, offering suggestions and ideas for improvement.
  • Oversees classrooms and bulletin boards that they are kept orderly, clean, and appropriate to the season/lessons.
  • Reviews activities to ensure classes are conducted properly and professionally.
  • Ensures that school is properly staffed and that all staff persons perform their duties in a responsible manner, avoiding over time as possible. 
  • Becomes familiar with and see that all Sunshine Schools and state licensing requirements are maintained.
  • Sets up and ensures implementation of strong parent communications.
  • Assists staff on any duty and responsibility.
  • Ensures that any discipline of children is in a manner that is firm but loving. Discipline should be limited to positive reinforcement and “time out” methods only.
  • Assists in having all files up to date, have a clean, safe building, meet all fire regulations, etc.
  • Has general oversight of upkeep and appearance of facility building and grounds.
  • Has to be decorated tastefully and present an educationally oriented atmosphere.
  • Be “hospital clean” and always free of clutter and mess
  • Assists in running monthly fire/tornado/lockdown drills
  • Conducts tours in partnership with Site Administrator.  


$30,000 - $32,000 per year