Hotel McCoy General Manager College Station, TX · Full time

The General Manager oversees all property operations and employees, sharing oversight of Creative Manager with President.


Become the first-ever General Manager of the dreamist art hotel in Texas. Fully remodeled with a 70s-vibe, pickleball court, life-size chess board, sparkling pool, local beer/wine/spirits on tap, and local art EVERYWHERE. 52-rooms and tons of space for fun events (pool parties, art nights, go wild).

Hotel McCoy beleives in TRAVEL for ALL and is the home of the kindness rate (so we get the best guests)

The GM supports the hotel’s success through revenue generation, cost control, employee experience, and guest experience.

Key Responsibilities

• Problem-solve with executive function, act with ownership, and ensure property remains  open, safe, and successful 24/7/365.  

• Act as a fiduciary of the Company, researching the cost and profitability of each bid,  product, and decision before executing or presenting to supervisors.  

• Oversee day-to-day hotel operations including asset management, financial accountability,  guest relations, security, departmental oversight, and employee management.  • Assist Company in documenting, implementing, and enforcing Standard Operating  Procedures and policies.  

• Work in time block method, starting and ending each workday in email and Monday,  attending all required meetings, and working efficiently (smarter, not harder).  • Lead with intention, empower direct and indirect reports, and cultivate company culture of  trust and ownership.  

• Practice active listening, follow-ups, and clear communication at all times. • Represent the company at community functions and in press, as requested by President. 

Employee relations

With support of assigned consultant, oversees hiring, documenting,  terminating employee retention, birthdays, reviews, 1 yr. anniversary, employee meetings,  employee one on ones, staff parties, etc and delivers functions within deadline and in  accordance with company policy. Develops high-performance employees, leads, and reporting  managers to full potential.  

Guest relations

Manages, responds to, and resolves guest reviews, complaints, inquiries, and  resolutions. Introduces self to guest as GM, sends out and replies to welcome letter

Property and Asset Manager

Looks at property with 360-vision, ensuring the property  looks beautiful, inside and out, everything functions, and gives suggestions for improvement. Full property walk 1x week with note pad. Inspects every room 1x / month, documents  findings, & make recommendations to President. Work closely with Facilities team to make  sure details are addressed (checks all fan & AC screens are clean, sturdiness of furniture,  parking lot stencils & art, ceilings for termite damage, damage in rooms, etc. 


Submits payroll report, tip report, labor report, personnel report, facilities report,  guest experience report, and any other assigned report as directed. 


Oversees and ensures Company assigned checklists are completed and submitted  per Company policy. 

Project Leadership

Works with President and Office Admin to execute high-level projects,  tracking progress and reporting updates in Monday, meeting vendors for bids, recommending  vendors and path forward, managing onsite project team, and ensuring projects are completed  to scope within deadline. 

Rates and Revenue

Work closely with and meets regularly with Revenue Management  Consultant and creative Manager to ensure property’s rates are competitive, local and property  events are accounted for, and occupancy is above comp set standards. Work closely with  AGM and Creative Manager to ensure inventory and ordering are accurate, supplies are  purchased at best cost, and retail/F&B items are marked up 2-5X to ensure profitability.  

Events and Sales

Support and work closely with Creative Manager to ensure events, room  blocks, and sales are successful and profitable; art program is functioning, and well-presented,  and social media content is effective. 

Department and Role Oversite

Display deep understanding of each department’s  functionality and each employee’s role to successful lead, train, and improve each aspect of  the company. The GM may work in each department a maximum of one day per month, and  anything outside of that must receive President approval (training, leave of absence, etc.)


$45,000 - $55,000 per year