Hope Positive Africa Board Member Remote · Part time

We are looking for passionate individuals who are interested in joining our fundraising board to change the world!


About us:

Hope Positive Africa is a Christian intentional community bridging divides between Western and African Christians. We are more than just a charity, we are a family who takes care of each other and bears one another’s burdens. We push ourselves to become a clear reflection of Jesus’ concept of the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission:

Reflect Jesus’ teaching of The Kingdom of God by transcending culture, class, and geographic divides together. We do this by demonstrating the love of Jesus, by opening ourselves up to deep relationships with poor Africans who lead very different lives than those in the West. We are supported by generous and privileged American believers who we hope to usher into loving relationships with their poorer brothers and sisters in Uganda.


Board members have the opportunity to participate in an exciting chapter in the organization’s growth, from start-up to established institution. The Board of Directors is a lively and dynamic group of professional women and men from a wide variety of fields – the meetings are fun! Board members have the opportunity to volunteer at the organization’s programs and work directly with the mamas and children whom we serve. Hope Positive Africa board members are unpaid as it is the widely held custom for public charities in order to foster stakeholder trust and confidence in the organization.

Board Duties and Responsibilities:

The overall functions of the Hope Positive Africa Board of Directors are to:

● Set long-term direction for the organization

● Advocate for and represent the organization in order to promote its welfare

● Help bring resources to the organization

● Monitor, oversee, and assure the financial, program, ethical, and governance integrity of the organization

● Ensure the organization’s programs express its mission.

Board Member Expectations:

Hope Positive Africa board members are expected to contribute to the organization in the following ways:

● Attend, to the best of their ability, all of the 4-5 board meetings each year

● Lead or serve on one board committee as needed

● Demonstrate support for Hope Positive Africa cause by promoting its good work, generating goodwill for the organization, encouraging support for its efforts, supporting its fundraising efforts, and keeping informed about its programs and activities

● Make a personally significant annual personal financial contribution

● Be willing to accept individual assignments when requested by the executive director or the chair

● Participate in Hope Positive Africa events whenever possible

We are specifically seeking individuals with non-profit finance experience to assume the role of treasurer to oversee our Staff Accountant and work with the Executive Director to approve program disbursements regularly during the week. We would also love to add individuals who have actual experience in non-profit law and marketing to round out our Board of Directors.


$0 - $0 per month