Hope Ministries Thrift Truck Driver/ Warehouse Worker Des Moines, IA · Full time

Carries out all transportation operations within the Transportation Department, including but not limited to, creating a Christ centered working environment, driving a straight box truck (16ft or 26ft) and working alongside a Furniture Mover, moving donated furniture and other items from donor’s home, distributing the donated product to one of the Hope Ministries Thrift Stores, while in compliance with company policies, procedures, and the mission statement. Support Hope Ministries Thrift Stores in their safe, efficient handling of bale and other items sent to Wholesale.



1. Work alongside the other Truck Drivers and Furniture Movers, daily, in the building of the team, by being an example of revealing Christ to all staff and donors, ensuring a Christ-centered environment.

2. Drive a straight box truck throughout the work day (automatic transmission, 16ft or 26ft, under 26,000 GVW) while being responsible for observing all traffic laws, in order to safely distribute product from the donor’s home to one of the Hope Ministries Thrift Stores.

3. Works with a Furniture Mover to load and unload furniture and other donated items on and off a straight box truck, with careful attention, to insure that: people are not injured, Hope Ministries Thrift Stores property and the donor’s home or business is not damaged, donated items are not damaged, and space in the truck is properly utilized

4. Locks the truck cab and cargo door when leaving truck unattended, keeps diesel fuel above 1⁄4 tank level, keeps diesel exhaust fluid above 1⁄4 tank level, keeps truck clean with monthly truck wash, vacuum and dust truck cab each month, keeps truck cab and cargo box organized and

uncluttered on a daily basis, in order to provide a safe and clean working environment.

5. Trains, leads and encourages their assigned Furniture Mover to follow company policy, and to follow instructions based on daily assignments, in order to have a well-equipped and trained team.

6. Works with their assigned Furniture Mover to safely operate the truck lift gate and other

furniture-moving equipment (2-wheel dolly, 4-wheel dolly, tie-down straps, other) as needed

during the workday to help provide safety and teamwork.

7. Performs daily inspection of truck on key safety points; reports damage or broken conditions as they occur or are noticed during inspection, in order to ensure the safety of the team.

8. Directs their assigned Furniture Mover to get out of the truck whenever the driver needs to back up, following prescribed hand-signals to communicate that the area the driver needs to back into is clear of hazards (people, pets, other vehicles, tree limbs, power lines, buildings, etc.) in order to establish a safe working environment. Reports any significant on-the-job personal injuries within 24 hrs and promptly reports all

significant accidents or team-member injuries, to keep the Transportation Director and HR

department informed and to assure that the correct protocol is taken.

10. Evaluates the condition of donated items based on the donation guidelines set by Hope Ministries Thrift Stores, and communicates directly with each donor either graciously accepting or rejecting those items at the point and time of the donation, assuring that the stores are receiving quality product and that our donors are treated graciously.

11. Sends complaints or criticism “up the chain of command” (not with fellow employees), allowing open communication and a “safe haven” for potential issues or concerns.

12. Provides the donor with feedback cards and/or referral cards at the close of each pickup,

ensuring our donors receive a Christ-centered service and they are cared for.

13. Run baler(s) safely and efficiently to our standards daily so we have clean, high quality baled textiles made ready for sale.

14. Understands where all product is stored or placed in order to help the team to maintain a clean a well organized warehouse.

15. Drives a forklift as needed proficiently both in the warehouse and inside, including lifting and lowering pallets to and from upstairs to insure proper safety guidelines and efficient product handling.

16. Maintains a clean, neat and professional work area daily so the warehouse looks presentable to company and so we have a cleaner work environment.

17. Maintains tools, supplies and equipment at all times in order to be able to do the job.

18. Reports repair concerns immediately to supervisor so equipment that is malfunctioning can be repaired or replaced quickly.


1. Practicing believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Belief that the Bible is God’s true Word.

3. Commitment to growth in relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and in Christian maturity.


1. Must have a valid IA driver’s license (Class D with F endorsement, or CDL), must provide proof of personal vehicle insurance (to prove insurability), must have a good driving record.

2. Must have physical strength and bodily health to move heavy furniture items and work in/on a truck and/or in a warehouse setting.

3. Must be willing to learn to drive a forklift if requested and attend all forklift training required to become a certified forklift operator for our facility.

4. Ability to use cell phone, tablet and GPS devices.

5. Basic ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide

6. Ability to read (in English), comprehend, analyze, and interpret.

7. Ability to read (in English) and interpret documents such as policy/procedure manuals.

8. Basic computer skills with keyboard and mouse

9. Basic skill with Internet/Web browser

10. Must be a people person with a willing attitude and have a servant’s heart

11. Must have a commitment to the Hope Ministries Thrift Stores mission

12. Ability to read and define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.

13. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions provided in written or oral form.


High school graduate or equivalent. One to two years in related experience is preferred.


Valid IA drivers license (Class D with F endorsement, or CDL)

Proof of personal vehicle insurance

IA Forklift Certification


Working full-time, ranging 38-40 hours per week (minimum of 4 hours per shift). Usually working four days a week, Monday- Saturday from 8:30-7pm. Workers on an 8 hour shift take 30 minutes off for an unpaid lunch break, and also receive two 15 minute paid breaks.


Stand or walk while moving furniture 60% of the time

Sit as a passenger in the truck cab 25% of the time

Use hands to type – using tablet and/or computer 10% of the time

Use hands to handle documents 5% of the time

Talk or hear All Day


1. Truck cab with heat & A/C as needed

2. Truck cargo area with open cargo door (outdoor conditions) as needed

3. Warehouse with some heat in winter, fan ventilation in summer – as needed

4. In and around homes, businesses, churches (driveways, sidewalks, grass, steps, porches, living or work areas, some stairs or elevators) – as needed

5. Outdoor conditions in all types of weather (hot, cold, rain, snow) – as long as conditions are safe as needed.


Up to 100 pounds 10-20% of the time

Up to 50 pounds 40-50% of the time


Heavy physical activity including lifting, carrying, and moving large furniture items – followed by periods of alert mental activity while riding as a passenger in a straight box truck


Use hands to hold and move heavy furniture items, work with tie-down straps in truck cargo box, handle cell phone and touch-pad on tablet, minimal amount of computer keyboard typing to record hours worked

each day.


Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)

1. Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)

Color Vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors)

3. Peripheral vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up and down or to the left and right while eyes are fixed on a given point)

4. Depth perception (three- dimensional vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships)

5. Ability to adjust focus (adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus)

Work Schedule and Required Hours

Working full-time, ranging 36-40 hours per week (minimum of 4 hours per shift). Usually working four days a week from 2:00-9:30 pm, and Saturday from 9:00am-5:30pm. Workers on an 8 hour shift take 30 minutes off for an unpaid lunch break, and also receive two 15 minute paid breaks.


$14 - $15 per hour