Hope Ministries Thrift Floating Manager Des Moines, IA · Des Moines, IA · Full time

The Floating Manager will be given short-term assignments at store locations within a given region to help fill in and assist the retail or processing operations of the assigned store. They will have the same roles and responsibilities as the Manager of the store while they are on assignment. This role includes sustaining and encouraging a Christ-centered environment, developing and training team members while they are helping fill in needs at the stores, register operations, customer service, store appearance, displays, donation processing and receiving, and employee interactions, as outlined in the essential functions of the job and in compliance with company policies, procedures and the mission statement.



The Floating Manager will be expected to have the same role and responsibilities as the Retail or Processing

Manager while on assignment and as necessary. The essential functions of the Manager are as follows:

1. Lead by example and demonstrate a Christ-like attitude towards all staff, donors, and customers.

2. Travel between store locations on a regular basis as directed by the Director of Operations.

3. Lead and train the team in all aspects of retail operations, including cash and credit card handling, refunds, and POS system usage to ensure accurate and secure transactions.

4. Perform all required duties within the processing team, including accepting donations, sorting and pricing merchandise.

5. Complete financial reporting and bank deposits accurately to ensure truthful reporting and accurate record-keeping of sales and donations.

6. Review the Cyfe Dashboard daily and communicate targets to the team.

7. Record all distribution truck stops in ThriftTrac.

8. Oversee distribution between all locations.

9. Create schedules for bales and truck drivers effectively and efficiently.

10. Lead and train all departments in a Christ-like manner.

11. Fulfill the required hours and scheduled shifts, unless approved by the Director of Operations.

12. Approve timecards by 10:00 AM on Payroll Mondays.

13. Create schedules two weeks in advance on Payroll Mondays, unless otherwise discussed with the Director.

14. Complete all administrative tasks for the stores accurately and with a high level of organization, including schedules, coaching documentation, and performance logs.

15. Keep up with and fill out labor worksheets every Monday and as needed.

16. Establish and maintain customer service standards to ensure compliance with the company's mission statement and provide a pleasant experience for customers.

17. Train new employees to ensure they have the necessary skills for their position.

18. Maintain the physical appearance of the store, including ordering janitorial supplies, removing safety hazards, and cleaning public areas.

19. Set up and change store displays regularly to create an inviting shopping environment.

20. Communicate any customer service issues, employee issues, accidents, or general store operations to the Director of Operations.

21. Provide input and suggestions to increase wholesale sales and donations.

22. Regularly communicate with the Director of Operations regarding department issues, praises, and employee relations.

23. Attend training events and manager meetings as scheduled.

24. Communicate and work effectively with the department Manager, customers, employees, and donors on a daily basis.

25. Perform any other related responsibilities as requested by the Director of Operations.


Hope Ministries Stores Team Members at all levels believe in the following:

1. Practicing belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Belief in the Bible as God's true Word.

3. Ability to share the Gospel and disciple others.

4. Active or seeking participation in a church community.

5. Desire and ability to lead daily devotionals and prayer with the team.

6. Commitment to growth in relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and in Christian maturity.


1. Commitment to Hope Ministries Thrift Stores' mission and mission statement.

2. Pleasant and willing attitude with a servant's heart.

3. Excellent communication skills (both oral and written) with a strong command of the English language.

4. Detail-oriented with solid organizational skills.

5. Problem solver with the ability to work with minimal supervision.

6. Initiative and proactive approach to tasks.

7. Excellent time management skills.

8. Proficient in planning to meet established goals.

9. Strong ability to delegate tasks.

10. Ability to handle confrontation with love, grace, and professionalism.

11. Ability to hold employees accountable for their productivity.

12. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel.

13. Proficiency in email communications.

14. Ability to operate general office machines.

15. Ability to read and define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.

16. Ability to interpret written or oral instructions.

17. Ability to operate a cash register and credit card machine.


1. Detail-oriented with solid organizational skills.

2. Ability to prioritize the needs of the store effectively and efficiently according to the standards set by the Director of Operations.

3. Proficient in planning to meet established goals.


High School diploma or GED required. Two to three years of experience in retail or related field preferred.


Valid driver's license.


- Stand 3/4 of the time

- Walk 3/4 of the time

- Sit 1/4 of the time

- Use hands to type or handle documents and merchandise 3/4 of the time

- Talk or hear All Day

- Moderate physical activity, including lifting at least 50 pounds and performing tasks such as lifting, sorting, cleaning, and organizing throughout the workday

- Work in a warehouse setting with potential outdoor exposure

- Wear a name badge


1. Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)

2. Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)

3. Color Vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors)

4. Peripheral vision (ability to observe an area while eyes are fixed on a given point)

5. Depth perception (ability to judge distances and spatial relationships)

6. Ability to adjust focus (bring an object into sharp focus)


Full-time, Monday through Saturday, 43+ hours per week. Some closing shifts required. Two shifts per month must be weekend closing shifts. Occasional voluntary work on Sundays may be requested.

This position is a traveling position and may require changing store locations as needed.


$17.5 - $18.5 per hour