Honey Homes Inbound Sales & Onboarding Remote · Full time

We’re looking for a full-time team member to own Inbound Sales & New Member Onboarding.


Honey Homes is a membership service for homeowners that proactively addresses the everyday to-do’s, ongoing maintenance and unexpected repairs that come with home ownership. Members are paired with a dedicated handyman and a simple app to coordinate. We’re on a mission to make home upkeep effortless, replacing hassle and stress with the joys that come from comfortable living.

We’re looking for a full-time team member to own Inbound Sales & New Member Onboarding. When homeowners sign up for Honey Homes, they want to understand if the service is for them, and how to get the most value. As the primary point of contact from signup through the first handyperson visit, you’ll be responsible for creating and implementing both high touch and automated outreach for calling, texting, and emailing our potential new members, delivering a delightful white-glove experience. Our experienced and skilled marketing team will be there to help you every step of the way.

If you are self-motivated, a strong communicator, goal-driven, this is the role for you. Previous experience in inbound sales, onboarding, and customer success will help you hit the ground running. Startup experience is a plus. Above all, people should enjoy connecting with you, and feel that you are a great listener who makes them feel comfortable and informed.

This is a 40-hour a week job, but with highly-flexible hours based on inbound volume. We expect all work will happen between 7am and 7pm, including weekends. Our competitive compensation includes a base salary, meaningful commission, and stock options. You’ll also have the opportunity to grow your career and compensation. Women and under-represented minorities are encouraged to apply to this unique opportunity to join an early-stage company that is reimagining the home services industry.

What You’ll Do

  • Become Honey Homes’ most knowledgeable expert on our offering. Honey Homes is a new and different home upkeep service that is regularly evolving. You’ll become the expert in simply explaining what we do, and answering questions from homeowners.
  • Excite, educate, and encourage new members to join Honey Homes. You’ll do this by calling, texting, and emailing new members upon signup and throughout the activation process through their first visit and making payment. You’ll be empowered to go above and beyond by creating bespoke moments of delight.
  • Build and test outreach strategies. You’ll help create and test different approaches for increasing responses and driving action. From messaging to ‘out of the box’ ideas that improve the new member experience, we’re looking for someone who can both bring ideas to the table and bring them to life. 
  • Be the voice of our new members. You’re on the front lines talking to new members. The rest of the team wants to learn from what you’re hearing to make your job easier and bring more delight to homeowners.
  • Call, text and email new members within 15 minutes of signup. When a new member signs up, we get varying levels of information, from name and phone number to a self-scheduled visit. You’ll reach out when they sign up, provide info on Honey Homes, and answer questions so they can get the most out of our service. 
  • Activating members after their first visit. After the first handyman visit, connect with new members to answer any follow up questions and help them join and schedule their first visit. (Bonus if you’re familiar with Hubspot or similar tools for managing your pipeline and creating personalized outreach sequences.)

What it Takes to Succeed

  • Strong communicator: You have excellent verbal and written skills, and you’re unafraid to reach out to new people. You're as comfortable talking on the phone as texting, and people find it a pleasure to hear from you.
  • Growth mindset: You can follow a process, but you’re always willing to find and listen to ideas to improve it. You’re unafraid of ambiguity and thrive in startup environments.
  • Relationship builder: You’re energized by connecting with people, whether they are customers or teammates. You’re attuned and empathetic to people’s needs.
  • You’re relentless. There are up days and down days, up minutes and down minutes. You rally yourself from the downs to conquer greater heights.
  • You’re detail-oriented and document everything. You sweat the details, and can track your progress clearly. You love sharing frequent updates with your teammates
  • You act like an owner. You do the right thing to support our future members, current members, and partners, even when it’s the hard thing to do.
  • Curious quick study. When you hear - ‘3/4” Angle Stop’ - you ask what that is, and add it to your personal dictionary. Same for processes and ways to solve problems.

Other Requirements

  • You have more than a few years of professional experience, preferably in inbound sales, customer activation, or customer success.
  • Some personal experience related to home ownership
  • This is a remote role, with your primary residence in the U.S.