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We are seeking a full time physical therapist to work in home health


We are hiring for a PT to evaluate and treat patients in San Antonio and surround area. The ideal candidate will live within this area and will be able to freely travel to patients' homes or to other facilities to meet with patients. A large focus of the job will be performing evaluations, performing routine treatments, and supervision of PTAs. The setting of the position will be dynamic and will focus on treating patients in their home.

As a PT working in home health you will work with a variety of different patients that come from different referral sources. The job is never boring. Sometimes you will find a lot of flexibility in your schedule based on your case load and other times you will find yourself busy all day.

A PT with us will thrive in an environment where they set their own schedule, enjoy the one on one interaction with patients where you are the sole provider there, and who enjoys solving problems and utilizing new techniques and methods. Compensation surpasses that earned by most PTs working in an outpatient setting, but comes with certain expectations of being a self starter, working with little supervision, and being a prompt and concise communicator.


$100,000 - $130,000 per year