Hippo Harvest Plant Technician Pescadero, CA · Part time

Help us grow healthy plants in our automated greenhouse



In a world increasingly impacted by climate change, pollution, and population growth, conventional production of fresh/fruiting vegetables is unsustainable. Compared to field production, greenhouse hydroponic methods use 90% less water, increase yields, reduce food waste, use fewer pesticides, eliminate fertilizer runoff, and allow crops to be grown locally. However, greenhouse producers make up only a small part of today’s market due to high capital/labor costs and operational complexity. To close this gap, Hippo Harvest uses new methods of hydroponics, robotics, and machine intelligence to re-imagine greenhouses and build the sustainable, economical, and scalable production systems of the future.

As a Plant Technician for Hippo Harvest your role is to assist with tasks and experiments designed to improve plant growth and consistency.

You Will

  • Work closely with the Plant Science team to gather and analyze data on plant performance
  • Record and track growing parameters to establish baselines and monitor changes
  • Collect and compile plant growing data (imagery, EC, pH, nutrient samples, etc.)
  • Monitor the quantities and quality of growing inputs
  • Use sterile technique to culture and isolate growing contaminants

You Have

  • A detail oriented mindset and willingness to learn
  • Experience with spreadsheets for data entry
  • Familiarity with basic laboratory skills (e.g. creating stock solutions, pipetting)
  • Ability and desire to work effectively in a team
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

We Offer

  • An exciting and fun work environment where your contributions will make a true difference
  • Compensation starting at $22/hour up to 30 hours per week


$22 - $22 per hour