Hi! Tech IT Technical Support Specialist New York, NY · Full time

Hi! Tech is looking for sharp, energetic, creative, highly-motivated, and personable tech professionals to join our team.


A successful candidate:

  • Takes initiative, is proactive and self-motivating;
  • Strives for excellent communication with clients and team members;
  • Thrives in the face of uncertainty, excited to create solutions;
  • Enjoys a non-traditional (and lately virtual) office setting;
  • Is an excellent problem solver;
  • Effectively communicates complex ideas or topics to a non-technical audience;
  • Takes initiative and self-motivating;
  • Has a strong internal locus of control;
  • Believes in consistent professional development and growth;
  • Is highly-likable; and
  • Is well versed in all things IT and tech-related, with a wide breadth of knowledge across software, hardware, networking, and security disciplines.

Responsibilities include:

  • Providing desktop support (macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS);
  • Onboarding and offboarding of clients' team members - in a friendly, professional, and sensitive manner;
  • Managing vendor relationships (and performing contract reviews);
  • Configuring and administering SaaS applications (e.g., G Suite, Dropbox, Slack, Jamf, Atlassian Suite, 1Password, OneLogin, Active Directory, etc.);
  • Managing licenses and performing account recertification;
  • Researching best-in-class hardware, software, peripherals (and interoperability in a constantly changing landscape), and providing recommendations in terms of good, better, and best;
  • Procuring hardware and software;
  • Performing device enrollment and asset management;
  • Creating/maintaining processes and documentation;
  • Installing and configuring AV equipment for video conferencing;
  • Running, terminating, testing network cabling, and implementing and configuring network hardware;
  • Reverse-engineering existing hardware/software implementations;
  • Analyzing existing technology-related pain points and providing effective and budget-conscious recommendations and reasoning to our client's management team; and
  • Providing detailed, accurate, and timely reporting of work completed for client deliverables.

Experience/qualifications desired:

  • Bachelor's degree;
  • 5+ years of post-collegiate technical experience;
  • Extremely detail-oriented;
  • Ability to project manage complex, nuanced efforts from start to finish;
  • Proven ability to work successfully with limited supervision;
  • Ego-less personality with excellent teamwork and communication skills;
  • High empathy and bedside manner for/with end-users;
  • Ability to explain complex technical ideas to a non-technical audience;
  • Ability to deep-dive into research and find fixes when faced with unfamiliar technical hurdles or blockers;
  • Perseverance, resilience, and scrappiness in the face of challenges;
  • Ability to work effectively whether on-site, on-the-go, or remotely;
  • Ability to work in varying office cultures and able to blend in and work quietly and discreetly (when needed);
  • Deep knowledge of Google Workspace (G Suite for Business);
  • Experience implementing and administering MDM systems (Kandji, Jamf, Mosyle, etc.);
  • Understanding of ISP and networking hardware (modems, firewalls, switches, access points) along with concepts such as DNS, DHCP, VPN, and TCP/IP protocols;
  • Experience with planning and deploying ethernet cabling, networking hardware, and related infrastructure;
  • Ability to troubleshoot Wi-Fi and wired network connectivity and to improve overall network performance and security;
  • Experience deploying and operating a variety of video conferencing solutions;
  • Understanding of basic audio hardware (mics, mixers, etc.);
  • Knowledge and understanding of interoperability (and limitations of), all common digital and analog cables and interfaces (Ethernet, HDMI, USB-C, DVI, etc.);
  • Must be trustworthy and able to maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive client data (able to sign NDAs as required); and
  • Ability to effectively and accurately use a tape measure, hand tools, a power drill, and be comfortable on a ladder.


$60,000 - $85,000 per year