Hesperos, Inc. Laboratory Manager Orlando, FL · Full time

The Laboratory Manager role will coordinate laboratory activities, communications, and operations while providing support to the principal scientist and engineer. As a lab manager, you will combine managerial skills and knowledge of safety and lab procedures to ensure that the laboratory operates smoothly at all times. You will work directly with senior management of a rapidly growing biotech company to provide support in ongoing projects.


About You 

  • You are highly organized and detail-oriented 
  • You like to work independently but enjoy team interaction, sharing expertise and experience as we collectively work towards the best solution possible in every context. 
  • You are positive, optimistic, and outgoing 
  • You are curious, love learning, and adaptable to evolving opportunities of a rapidly growing company

What You’ll Do 

Below is an example of the various functions you will be responsible for in this role: 


  • Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Update lab safety plan and Safety Data Sheets as needed 
  • Conduct safety inspections as needed 
  • Coordinate maintenance and repairs of laboratory equipment 
  • Work with the HR Manager to maintain an accurate record of equipment training, lab protocol training, and safety training 
  • Enforcing policies around personal protective equipment
  • Work with the finance department to ensure expenses are recorded accurately

General Facilities Duties 

  • Walk the facility each morning to check for issues. Specific items to check (though this list is not comprehensive) include:
  • Ensuring the backup generator is operational
  • Nitrogen tanks in the labs are full (and initiate re-order as needed)
  • Ensure liquid nitrogen levels are at appropriate levels
  • Ensure gas bottles are full (and coordinate to order more as needed)
  • Ensure freezers are at appropriate temperatures
  • All doors and windows appear to be locked and intact
  • Act as the emergency contact for building alarms. This includes being on call should an alarm go off. While this event is unlikely, part of this role includes being on call (or coordinating a backup) in the event one does occur.
  • Monitor preventative maintenance tasks posted to Monday.com and distribute as appropriate
  • Oversee the following tasks are completed
  • Machining room tasks are completed
  • Bio-waste is removed from labs (as full). Coordinate for pickup
  • Remove sticky mats in each lab (M,W,F)
  • Check and add water to incubators
  • Put trash cans in the hall for cleaners (M,W,F)
  • UV Labs for 15 minutes (Weekly, Fridays)
  • Put 1 cup of hot water in all open drains in labs (Weekly, Friday)
  • Check all lab sinks run hot and cold water (Weekly, Friday)
  • Act as liaison for any building construction projects that take place 

Equipment Maintenance: 

  • Manage routine equipment maintenance schedule coordinating with Office Administrator for scheduling service 
  • Maintain records of equipment warranties and history 
  • Coordinate equipment repair 

Safety & Compliance: 

  • Maintain compliance (and active certifications) required for lab operations. This currently includes but is not limited to DEA, Biohazard waste 
  • Ensure all new MSDS are added to the electronic system, as needed 
  • Coordinates lab safety training with Office Administrator 
  • Support blood work and other health requirements for researchers involved in grants/commercial projects (ex: Gates - Malaria Project) 


  • Oversee monthly (or semi-monthly) inventory checks are completed for:
  • PDMS Gaskets and Chambers
  • Plating barriers
  • Screw inventory
  • Cantilever and CMEA chip status
  • Dry goods inventory
  • Handle all purchase requests through Quartzy
  • Quartzy Weekly Clean-up (follow up with all items ordered but not delivered by their expected lead time)

Minimum Position Requirements 

Education & Experience 

  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA or BS) 
  • At least 2 years of leadership experience

Interpersonal skills 

  • Exceptional communication skills, writing skills in particular
  • Positive, optimistic demeanor with high integrity
  • Strong relationship-building skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Office - particularly Excel and Powerpoint
  • Familiarity with Google’s Office equivalents (Sheets, Slides, Docs)
  • Proficiency with inventory management systems such as Quartzy

Preferred Skills & Experience, though not required

  • >1 year of Laboratory Management experience 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in STEM-related field 
  • Technical writing experience 
  • Google Analytics